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Airfare prediction App – Hopper. Helping you find low prices on airfare.

Airline Price Predictor App – Hopper Review & Demo

Finding the lowest airline prices

Hopper Airline Price Predictor App Icon ImageThere are lots of travel apps but Hopper, a new entrant into the market, claims to search billions of flight options to predict when you should buy to get the best price.  Hopper App looks for the cheapest days to travel, the cheapest airports, and the lowest flight prices in order to save you time and money.


If you are exploring flight options Hopper will tell you when airline prices are expected to go up or down and what your savings will be if you wait to make a purchase.  Or, it will suggest that you make the purchase now as prices are likely to go up. It also provides insight as to what is considered as a low price or a high prices & when the prices will be changing and which airlines have the best prices for that route.  It will even search nearby airports to see if they offer lower prices.  Hopper App is all about finding the cheapest airfare and touts that you can save up to 40% on airfare by using the app.

Hopper App Airline Price Prediction App Home ScreenAs part of the Hopper data intelligence it displays a graphical calendar that shows price patterns in 4 different colors.  This feature allows you to quickly see if traveling on a certain day of the week or next month will save you money.


Hopper is not tied to any specific airline or travel site.  It indexes flight information across many airlines and travel sites to find and project the price trends.  Instead of you guessing if it better to book the ticket now or if it is cheaper on another airline, Hopper will tell you – all in a single app.  You don’t have to search across airlines, or travel sites it is all in one place.  Hopper does the research for you!

Airfare Price Alerts – Watch Trip

One of the best features is the Airline Price Alerts.  Specify what travel route you want to use and say “Watch Trip”.  When the prices changes for that route, you will get an alert on your smartphone notifying you that there is a price drop or that the price is about to go up!  You can set multiple travel options to be on the “Watch Trip” list.  This feature is very useful as it does the work for you behind the scenes and notifies you when you will benefit.

Purchasing a Trip

Hopper App Price Prediction Screen ImageIf you are ready to book a flight you can see which airlines or travel agency offered the flight.  You can choose to book the trip, if desired.  When booking the trip, Hopper App displays the airline reservation website within the Hopper App.  You do not book a flight directly with Hopper, but Hopper uses the airline or travel website reservation system so that you are purchasing directly from the supplier.  This has pros and cons.  Booking with the supplier is typically preferred however, if you are on a smartphone rather than tablet, many of the website reservation systems are not smartphone friendly.  It is a bit challenging to navigate through most of the reservation systems on a small screen.  I suspect this feature will improve over time.

The Hopper mobil app, which was introduced in January of 2015, is only available on iOS.  However, there is a web version that provides price reports on travel itineraries but it is not as user friendly or as visually appealing as the mobile app.

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