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RockMyRun App – Running & Workout Music App Uniquely Designed To Match Your Pace

May 20, 2015
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Rock My Run App Icon Health and fitness Music MixThe scientifically proven, RockMyRun app, help users improve workouts through a proprietary, intelligent technology called myBeat that alters the running music mix tempo to your movement. For example, if you are running faster, the tempo of the music increases to match your steps.  If you slow down, so does the music beat.  RockMyRun is designed to be fun and help you perform better.   It is like having a personal coach telling you how fast you are going and encouraging you to do more, but through music rather than by voice.  According to the leading exercise scientists, it really works!

Rockmyrun running music mixesThe RockMyRun’s secret sauce is the RockMyRun proprietary music mix selections along with the myBeat tempo intelligence.  RockMyRun uses professional DJ’s to create proprietary music mixes where the number of beats per minute can increase or decrease without degrading the quality of the music.   The professional DJ blends together songs in a seamless manner so there is never a break in energy or flow and each mix is it’s own unique work of art.  The myBeat MatchMe feature automatically increases or decreases the music beat per minute in real-time to match your pace!  It does this through sensors in your phone that detect your step count.  According to RockMyRun, numerous expert studies show that when music is matched to your steps you perform up to 15% better.

The RockMyRun music mixes range in length, genres, beats per minute and lyrics.  Genres include 80’s, 90’s, tailgate country, crossed pop, epic energy, etc.  There is a mix of explicit and clean lyrics.  Set the filter option to see only clean lyrics.  It is best to download a mix locally (using wi-fi) before you head out on your run. This will help you avoid streaming the mix which will use your data plan and you can still hear your music if you loose cellular connection.

Rockmyrun music mix detailsIf you are not in the mood to use the myBeat tempo matching, there are a variety of music mixes that don’t match your steps to the tempo.  However, all the music is designed to enhance the workout experience.  You can choose to have the myBeat match your movement either manually or automatically.  If you choose the manual option, you can increase or decrease the beats per minute of a mix to suite your workout.  If you want to increase your speed or endurance, set a faster beat and try and match your steps to that tempo.  RockMyRun puts you in control with the goal of motivating you all the way to the end of the workout.   The RockMyRun Music mixes run continuously with no break so you don’t have to stop and select the next song.

You can use RockMyRun music mixes along with your favorite app to track your runs, such as Runtastic, Nike+, RunKeeper, etc.  Start your favorite tracking app then start your Rock My Run music mix.

RockMyRun Pricing Options

  • Rockmyrun menu optionsFree – “RunRocker” Level.
    • This level gives you access to a variety of music mixes however you cannot use the manual or automatic tempo matching features.  The mixes are shorter in length (typically 30-45 mins.)
  • Pro version – “Rockstar” Membership – $4.99/mo or $35.99/yr (which equals $2.99/mo).
    • With the Rockstar membership you get 2x the music with access to the full mix library.  You get mixes up to 4 hours long and the music won’t stop until you do.  You can also play shorter mixes back to back without interruption.  And, there are no ads.  Rock My Run pays the artists when the music is played and the subscription fees cover that cost.

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