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iSwimband Device Review & Demo. Wearable drowning detection device.

iswimband logoiSwimband is an app and wearable device designed to help prevent children from drowning. This unfortunate tragedy occurred in my area over Memorial Day Weekend. Could this new product help change the staggering statisctics on accidental drownings? Let’s hope so.


Drowning Statistics from Center of Disease control and preventionWhen a child is wearing the iSwimband and goes underwater for a specified amount of time, an alarm sounds on your smartphone to alert you that your child may need immediate help. The iSwimband uses Bluetooth technology between the device and your smartphone in order to alert you that the device and your child, are submerged. In order for the device and app to work correctly the smartphone app must be within approximately 100 feet of the child. The device does not replace responsible child supervision but in instances where a parent or guardian is distracted or has their back turned, the iSwimband may provide the warning you need to help your child.

iswimband packaging Drowning detection deviceThe iSwimband is for swimmers and non-swimmers.

iSwimband device ships with a wrist band for non-swimmers and a head strap for swimmers. The wrist band is used by non-swimmers which are typically toddlers that might pull off the head band.   When a toddler’s wrist with iSwimband is submersed for 5 -7 seconds, the smartphone app sends out its warning signal. A common scenario is a child reaching out from the pool deck to a floating toy and he/she falls in unexpectedly.

The iSwimband head band strap is for children who know how to swim that come in and out of the water. If the iSwimband app is in swimmers mode and the device is submersed for a specified amount of time (defined by the parent or guardian) the alarm will sound. Alternatively, the iSwimband device comes with a clip that can be attached to goggles.

When using the device, make sure you have the volume on your Smartphone turned on and  turned up.  The app must be opened for it to work.  If your smartphone is outside of the max range (approximately 100 feet between the smartphone and iSwimband) it may not work.  The range is dependent on environmental conditions.

Other features

  • Works in pools, lakes, rivers, beaches and spas
  • Monitors up to 8 iSwimbands per Smartphone
  • Battery operated and lasts 1.5 – 5 years depending on the level of usage.  A typical user can expect 2 years.
  • iSwimband device battery life is displayed within the app
  • Works with goggles and swim caps

The iSwimband was founded by three fathers after one of their children’s 9 year old classmate barely survived a drowning incident that resulted in serious life altering disabilities. The tragedy occurred despite several lifeguards, day camp counselors, and even parents watching the water that day.

iSwimband provides an extra layer of protection in and around water with the goal of providing an extra layer of protection for children.

CEO Spotlight

Meet Paul Chu, CEO of iSwimband in this casual online interview.  You will hear the personal side of why this product is so important to him and his team and what the future holds for iSwimband.


iSwimband Pricing

Device – $59.99

  • Soon on:,,,

Mobile App – Free