Runtastic Leg Trainer Avatar Workout App

Runtastic Leg Trainer Avatar Workout App. Take your trainer with you wherever you go.

June 3, 2015
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Runtastic Leg Trainer App Icon Avatar Workout 100Leg Trainer, Six Pack abdominal workout and Butt Trainer make up a suite of workout apps by Runtastic® that provide complete workout plans led by a lifelike avatar trainer.  Now you can take your workout and your trainer with you anywhere you go!

You can be at any skill level to gain benefit. Get started by selecting your training level: 1, 2 or 3. Within each level there are a series of plans and a recommended number of days to do each workout. As you progress, more exercises are added and the workout plans get longer. Level 1 plans start at 13 minutes and level 3 plans go up to 28 minutes.


The goal of Runtastic’s specialized workout apps is to help give you direct results in the areas you feel you need it most. If you follow the plans you will see results.

If you don’t have time to get a full leg workout in try some of the specialized plans that are shorter in length.  For example, Pilates Legs, 7-Minute Workout or Firm in 5 Minutes.

Runtastic Leg Trainer Workout Plans with avatar

Runtastic Leg Trainer Workout Plans with avatar

The avatar does the workout with you and keeps you on pace. All of the repetitions are counted and your progress is displayed. It is difficult to tell that the Avatar trainer is not a real person. There are a variety of music options that can be played along with your workout.

Create Your Own Workouts

There are over 90 different exercises you can choose from to create your own workout combinations.  If you get great results from certain exercises then you can combine them to make your own personal workout.  Select My Workouts from the Nav menu.  Then tap your favorite exercises to add them to the workout timeline.  You can create exercise plans of just about any length by adjusting the desired number of repetitions and recovery time between exercise.

Leg Trainer Platforms

Leg Trainer is available for iOS, Apple Watch, and Android. Play it on your smartphone or tablet. You can do the workouts on the beach, at home, in a hotel, or just about anywhere. There is no excuse for not working out!

Other Key Features

  • Runtastic Leg Trainer Workout Apps Butt Trainer Six PackOver 90 different exercises
  • Easy, medium and hard exercises
  • Skip through any exercise you don’t wish to do
  • Mark exercises as favorites
  • Body fat visualization feature
  • Excellent user interface
  • Create and customize your own plans
  • Suite of apps available for legs, tummy & butt

For me, I find having the flexibility to do workouts on my schedule suits me better than trying to get to the gym. I am also less likely to workout on my own if I have to figure out a training plan. This gives me the exercises, repetitions; timing, and progression without me having to think or plan it. I can also work out on my schedule rather than trying to have to get to a class at the gym. And, after doing these workouts, my legs are definitely sore!

Data Plan Considerations

There are a couple of things to be aware of when using Runtastic’s Leg Trainer, Six Pack, or Butt Trainer. When you select a workout the corresponding videos are downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and therefore must be connected to the Internet. Depending on your data plan, you may want to consider downloading the videos while you are connected to a Wi-Fi network rather than a cellular data network. If you are on the cellular data network, and you run over your data allotment, you may incur fees.

Leg Trainer Pricing

Runstastic’s Leg Trainer is free and ad supported.  You have the option to make in app purchases such as music packs, comprised of a variety of tracks, to be played while you workout.

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