Touchnote app send postcard and greeting cards using your pictures on smartphone FI

TouchNote App: Send Real Postcards & Greeting Cards with Just a Few Taps

Touchnote app icon send postcards and greeting cards using picturesIf you are traveling this summer and want to share your experience in a unique personal way, try Touchnote app.  Touchnote is an awesome app that makes sending personalized postcards a breeze.  It takes about 4 taps and entering an address to create and postal mail a unique postcard to anyone, anywhere in the world.  This is a simple app with great value-add by using a high tech solution to send a real postcard or greeting card directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Touchnote combines the traditional fun of receiving a real postcard in your mailbox with the convenience of the digital age.

I love the app because I don’t have to print out a picture or take the file to a store to have a card made, buy postage then find a postal box.  I can send a personalized card in seconds directly from my phone or tablet!  I was at Machu Picchu last week and while traveling I picked several pictures and immediately send out postcards.  I didn’t have to fuss with stamps  and I mailed meaningful picture that I took which included family members.  This made a more personal and fun experience.

Touchnote App Send postcards and greeting cards using pictures Screen captures

If you prefer greeting cards rather than postcards, you can send those too!  Touchnote has a variety of fold over greeting card styles with balloons, flowers, and various pattern borders that can be used for birthdays, special occasions, or a simple “thinking of you” greeting.  Select your desired photo from your camera roll, choose a border and personalize the message on the inside of the card.  Touchnote prints the card and postal mails it for you in a stylish envelope.

Touchnote app send postcards and greeting cards

Touchnote Greeting Card

Touchnote uses high gloss, high quality printing for it postcards and greeting cards.

How much does Touchnote Cost?

The Touchnote app is free.   It costs $1.99 (1 “credit”) to print and mail a single postcard using Touchnote.  To print and mail a single greeting card costs $3.99 (2 “credits”).  You can purchase “credits” in volume to receive discounts.  The more credits you purchase the lower the cost of each credit.

Happiness Guarantee

I always appreciate a company that stands behind its products and services.  Touchnote has a “Happiness Guarantee” that if you are not 100% happy they will give you your money back.

Key Features & Benefits of Touchnote

  • Send Real postcards
  • Send Real greeting cards
  • Use your own photos
  • Add a personal message
  • Great for connecting with grandparents, college kids, aunts & uncles, friends

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