CEO Spotlight Online Interview Waka Waka President Jehmu Green

CEO Spotlight: Jehmu Greene, President Waka-Waka US.

July 14, 2015
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Meet Jehmu Greene, President of WakaWaka, US in this exclusive online interview. WakaWaka makes solar powered LED Flashlights and USB chargers. The company operates under a “Buy One/Give One” policy. For every WakaWaka product that is purchased one is given away to someone in need through their charitable partnerships. WakaWaka is based in the Netherlands and has just opened their US office in NYC. Jehmu is heading up US operations.

In the online interview you will hear how WakaWaka got started and how its products are helping people around the world that don’t have access to power. Jehmu shares several great stories on how access to light (even a flashlight) changes the world in impoverished areas.