Boys in Libera tent city with a waka waka power plus

WakaWaka Solar Powered USB Charger & Light. Bringing light to those without electricity. Review & Demo on ABC News.


Boys in Liberia tent city with a waka waka power plusWakaWaka (“Shine Bright” in Swahili) makes portable solar powered USB chargers and flashlights. The company’s mission is to “Aim to end Energy Poverty by making the worlds best sustainable solar energy solutions available and affordable to the 1.2 billion people who lack access to electricity.” In order to help reach this goal WakaWaka operates on a “Buy One / Give One” policy. For each WakaWaka product that is purchased one is donated to The International Rescue Committee who distributes WakaWakas in crisis areas like Syria, Haiti, Liberia, and typhoon stricken Philippines. Tens of thousands of WakaWakas have been distributed.

WakaWaka can be a lifeline for those without power.  For those of us who are on the grid the WakaWaka is a great addition to the emergency pack and to keep in the car.  It is also excellent for hiking, caving, camping and you don’t have to worry about running out of battery!

Portable Solar LED Flashlight

WakaWaka Solar Powered Flashlight The companies’ first product was the WakaWaka Light, a solar rechargeable LED Flashlight. Place the WakaWaka Flashlight in the sun for 5-10 hours and you will get up to 80 hours of bright light!

Other key features include:

– Full battery after 5 – 10hrs in the sun
– 3 light settings: from 5 to 25 lumen
– Flexible positioning: table top, on a bottle, hanging from the ceiling
– SOS emergency beacon
– Patented Intivation SunBoost chip
– 100% recycled PC-ABS, high impact resistant

WakaWaka Light –  $39.00

Portable Solar LED Flashlight & USB Charger

Waka Waka Solar Powered Charger & Light Front View 300The WakaWaka Power+ is a solar powered LED Flashlight and a USB Charger in a single device.  This awesome gadget can light a dark room and charge a smartphone.  It is capable of charging virtually any small USB electronic device within just a few hours.  In Flashlight mode the WakaWaka Power+ provides up to 150 hours of light!  That is over 6 full days of light on a single charge.  If you run it for 5 hours a day it will last up to 30 days!  There are no batteries to purchase or to replace!

Other features include:

–       Full battery after 12 hrs in the sun
–       Completely charges a smartphone in ~2 hrs
–       4 light settings: from 5 to 75 lumen
–       Flexible positioning: table top, on a bottle, hanging from the ceiling
–       SOS emergency beacon
–       Patented Intivation SunBoost chip
–       100% recycled PC-ABS, high impact resistant

WakaWaka Power+ USB Charger and Flashlight – $79.00

Waka Waka Light on coke bottle 2


I have been testing out the WakaWaka Power+ and found it to be of high quality and drop resistant from waist down (I haven’t tested it higher than that).  The light has 4 different brightness settings so you can conserve battery power if needed in an emergency.  All four settings provide extremely bright white light.  For charging I placed it in a window which took a while to charge.  When I placed it on the front dashboard of my car it appeared to charge quicker as I had direct sunlight.

Interview with WakaWaka President, Jehmu Greene

While I was testing and learning about WakaWaka I was able to have an online interview with Jehmu Greene, President of US Operations.  Just having opened their NY offices, they are hoping to expand their US market so that they can help more people in need around the world.

In the interview you will hear how WakaWaka got started and how its products are helping people around the world that don’t have access to power. Jehmu shares several great stories on how access to light (even a flashlight) changes the world in impoverished areas.

Meet Jehmu here:

CEO Spotlight Online Interview Waka Waka President Jehmu Green


WakaWaka Direct Purchasing Links

WakaWaka sells their products direct and on the Apple Store.

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