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ibotta App: Get cash back for everyday purchases without clipping coupons.

ibotta:  Cash Back Coupon App

ibotta app icon:  cash back coupons rebates on everyday purchases.  ibotta is an app that pays you a cash rebate (cash back coupon) when you buy everyday products like groceries, clothing and pet supplies. ibotta app offers exclusive rebates from major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, Best Buy and many more. When you purchase an item in which ibotta offers a rebate, you earn direct cash that is transferred to PayPal, Venmo or to a gift card. So what is the catch?

ibotta finding cash back coupon rebatesibotta works on a rebate system rather than coupon clipping therefore cash is payed to consumers after a product is purchased. In order to have access to the rebate you need to unlock the rebate offer by reading or watching some type of quick advertisement. The advertisements are marketed as being “fun” simple tasks and usually consist of a reading a product fact, answering a single question survey, or watching a video.  Most of the tasks take a few seconds although watching a video can take longer.

While it might take a little effort to find and unlock the rebate using ibotta, it is much faster than filling out a paper rebate form, following every step, snail mailing it and hoping for a check in 2-3 months.

How ibotta works

Once you create a free account with ibotta search for rebates that interest you.

When you find the products you desire, unlock the rebate by answering the question, reading the tip or watching the video.

After you purchase the product at the retailer, go to the ibotta app to redeem the rebate by scanning the product barcode and your receipt (take a picture of it) to verify purchase. The cash rebate is deposited into your ibotta account within 48 hours. After you have accumlated $10 in rebates the funds can be transferred to PayPal, Venmo or a gift cardcard at popular stores like Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon.com and more.

ibotta shopping for electronicsPreferred Stores

In “Preferred Stores” such as Food Lion you don’t have to take a picture of your receipt to redeem rebates. Link your MVP Card to Ibotta. Unlock Food Lion rebates before shopping. At checkout give the cashier your MVP card and your rebate earnings are credited in less than 48 hours!

Brand Name vs Any Brand

Many rebates are brand and store specific but some are not. You can get rebates on common item such as milk, certain vegetables, orange juice, eggs, and pasta that are not brand specific. Find these items by searching for “Any Brand” within the ibotta App. You still purchase these items from partner retailers but the store choices are extensive. The rebate on Milk is typically around $1.00. Rebates on vegetables tend to be around $.20.

Online Shopping

ibotta can be used when shopping at various online stores including Amazon.com, Peapod.com, Nordstrom.com, JCPenney.com, Eastbay.com, Footlocker.com, Clarks.com, Panasonic.com, MicrosoftStore.com, Skullcandy.com.  To qualify for the rebate be sure to use the ibotta redemption link provided.  Go to ibotta.com, log into your account.  Then use the redemption link to make purchases at the retailer.  Using the ibotta link guarantee’s you will get your cash.  Online shopping rebates are credited to your account in about 2 weeks.

ibotta shopping online with AmazonCoupon Clipping vs ibotta

Many people enjoy coupon clipping and its immediate benefit at the checkout counter.  However, some people claim that with coupons, shoppers frequently buy things that they normally would not purchase and end up spending more money.  Finding coupons for things you typically purchase can be time consuming.  For online coupon services you frequently have to print the coupons or you might have coupons in many different apps.

ibotta is an alternative or addition to coupons.  It is a single location (app) that has rebates from over 160 popular retailers.   While ibotta offers rebates on groceries and staple items such as milk, eggs & fruits it also has rebates for shoes, clothing, electronics, and many other items.  There is no clipping or printing involved.  You can find rebates by retailer or by product.  Save selected rebates to your shopping list for quick access.


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