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Personalizing Siri (Part 1): How to have Siri automatically give directions home or call home.

September 8, 2015
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How to have Siri automatically give me directions home or call home.

There are multiple ways to have Siri to learn about you in order to automate task. In this article and video I feature a method I feel gives the fewest possible errors.  It is easy to setup, there is not much that can go wrong and it only takes a few minutes.

When you finish setting up Siri be sure and click the link to the next article:  Personalizing Siri (Part 2). Part 2 shows you how to teach Siri to call your spouse, mother or even give you directions to your brother’s home/work.

How to Personalize Siri:

1) Define a personal contact card

The first thing you need to do is create a contact card for yourself in the Contacts App.

  • Tap Contacts App > Tap + in the upper right hand corner.
  • Add your phone number, home address and work address.
  • Tap Done.

Tip! The more information you add about yourself, the more you can automate Siri.  For example, if you put a second address such as a vacation home or work address you can have Siri navigate to that location from anywhere.  If you put in multiple phone numbers such as home and work numbers you can ask Siri things like “call home” or “call the office”.

2) Tell Siri who you are

  • Go to Settings app.  Tap General > Siri > scroll down then tap My Info. Find your contact card then tap to select it.

3) Allow hands-free activation of Siri (optional)

  • To have Siri call give you directions home or call your home, without touching the phone, you will need to activate “Hey Siri”.
  • While still in Settings > General > Siri, tap Allow “Hey Siri” to On (green shows).

Note: To use Siri hands-free, you must have your iPhone plugged into a power source.

4) Ask Siri to give you directions home

You can be anywhere in the world and Siri will give you directions home.

  • Tap and hold down the Home button.
  • After Siri beeps, say “Give me directions Home” or “call home”.

Maps app will automatically launch and provide you directions to your home address defined in your contacts. Or if you are in the Maps app, you can just type home and it will automatically fill in the address.


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How to Personalize Siri (Part 2)

Have Siri call your spouse, mother, daughter or even call your brother at work.

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