Apple announces new ipad Pro Apple TV Apple Watch and iPhone 6s

Apple unveils new iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple TV and iOS 9.

Apple’s new iPhone, iPad, Watch, Apple TV Unveiled September 2015

Apple introduced innovative technology in almost every product category at their marketing event in San Francisco on Sept. 9th, 2015. Significant upgrades were announced for the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iOS.  New hardware, software and watch designs were all unveiled to a cheering crowd of nearly 7,000 people.

A few of the new software features allowed Apple to catch up with competitors but overall I believe Apple exceeded expectations in innovation.  The stock market wasn’t kind to Apple as its stock price dropped before and after the event.  In less than 1 year Apple has sold over 183 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones.  Perhaps the market doesn’t think Apple can keep up the extraordinary pace.

Here are the product highlights and devices you will see rolling out this fall.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Apple Product Announcement 6s Pro iPad Pro Apple TVThe worldwide smartphone market continues to grow with iPhones taking the largest percentage of the market.  Two new models, the iPhone 6s and 6s plus are available starting November 2015.  The size and form factor are the same as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but there are many notable new features including:

  • 12MP camera – Provides accurate skin tones, clear depth of field & color accuracy.  The images it takes are stunning.
  • 4K Video – There are 8 million pixels in every frame displaying a higher degree of detail.
  • 5MP FaceTime Camera – with True Tone Flash feature
  • New Rose Gold Color
  • Stronger Glass
  • New A9 chip – 70% faster than the iPhone 6 in processing power.  90% faster providing graphics reaching “console level”.

3D Touch
A new productivity gesture called 3D Touch allows you to get quick access to content previews and frequently used tasks without having to move between screens or apps.  Press lightly on the iPhone screen to get a “peek” at the content.  Press harder to open the action.  These features are deeply integrated into iOS 9.

A few examples of 3D Touch include:

  • Dates – Press on a date in a text or mail message to reveal your calendar without moving to the app.
  • Social – Tap Facebook or Instagram to like or view a post preview without switching to the app
  • Games – Press firmly to move quicker in games
  • Mail – Apply a little pressure to get a quick peek at the message.
  • Flights – Tap lightly on a flight time to get details
  • Web – Tap on a link to see a preview of the web page (but never leave the app)

Live Photos

This new technology uses force touch to see frames before and after the photo image to show subtle motion that makes your picture come alive.  It is not video although a “Live Photo” can have sound.  If the feature is turned on all you need to do is take a regular photo and Live Photos are automatically created.

Facebook is supporting “Live Photos” in 2015.

Android Conversion

More and more Android customers are switching to iPhone and there is an easy automated feature for converting to an iPhone from an Android device.


Siri is always on so you don’t have to the iPhone connected to power to use Siri hands-free.


  • iPhone 6s – from $649
  • iPhone 6s Plus – from $749

Available November 2015

Apple TV

New Apple TV Device Apple product announcement iPad Pro Apple TV iPhone 6sTelevision technology has been relatively static for years while many of us are using our mobile devices as a primary screen.  Innovation has taken place in the content sources such has hulu and Netflix but the general TV experience has not changed.   Tim Cook is focused on changing how our TV’s are used and says “The future of TV is Apps”.

The new Apple TV has a new OS called TVOS and delivers a new user experience, complete with an App Store.  Developers can create apps for the Apple TV such as games, shopping, exercise and more.

Photos and Music on your iPhone/iPod are also available on Apple TV.

New Remote

The new handheld remote operates like it is  1/2 iPad and 1/2 remote.  The glass touch surface takes input that is familiar to iPad/iPhones such as swipe and tap.  It is the primary source of navigation and is Bluetooth enabled so you don’t have to point it at the Apple TV box.

Siri Integration

Apple TV Siri New Apple TV Device Apple product announcement iPad Pro Apple TV iPhone 6sHold down the Siri button on the new Apple TV remote and you can have Siri search by cast, director, age or date.  Examples shown at the Apple event include requests like:

“Show me animated movies. Just the new ones.”
“Show me family movies.”
“Show me Comedies with Jason Bateman.” A list of comedies is displayed sorted by popularity.

While watching a movie or TV show you can ask things like:

“Who are the actors in this movie?”
“Skip ahead 7 minutes.”
“What did she say?”  Apple TV will automatically skip back 15 seconds.

Use Siri to search across multiple content apps like iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Hulu all in a single search with selection from all sources are displayed on a single screen.


iPad Pro Gaming App by DisneyThe new TVOS allows developers to unleash their creativity in designing new apps for Apple TV.  New games and apps are already appearing.  Apple introduced the following:

  • Disney Infinity
  • Crossy Road – Mulitplayer option is exclusive for Apple TV
  • Guitar Hero
  • Play Kids
  • Made Fire (Comic books)
  • Airbnb
  • Zillow
  • Beat Sports Games – Combines music and gaming
  • Gilt – Shopping app

Any app purchases go across all devices.  You can start a game on your iPod and finish it on Apple TV.

Apple TV Pricing

  • 32GB $149
  • 64GB $199
  • Existing AppleTV $69

Available Late October

iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro Apple TV Siri New Apple TV Device Apple product announcement iPad Pro Apple TV iPhone 6sWow!  The new 12.9″ iPad Pro is loaded with 5.6 million pixels.  This is more than a MacBook Pro with retina display.  The pixel count provides extra sharp images which makes watching a movie on your device a new experience.

This ultra powerful device runs on a new A9X 64-bit chip that provides desktop class performance on a tablet.  The graphic performance is touted as being faster than 90% of portable PC’s!  The new processors enables a new class of apps for computer aided design, artistic creations, gaming and so much more.

The 4 speaker audio system provides stereo sound quality and puts out 3x the volume of previous iPads.  With all the computing power it is a wonder how Apple achieved a 10-hour batter life on the iPad Pro.

New Keyboards

Apple Watch Band Apple Pencil Apple iPad Pro Apple TV Siri New Apple TV Device Apple product announcement iPad Pro Apple TV iPhone 6sThe full size software keyboard is dynamic, changing based on what apps you are using.  In addition,  a new physical keyboard is available for the iPad Pro that magnetically snaps into place using a sleek new proprietary connection that transfers power and data through three small magnetic connectors.  No bluetooth is required.  The “Smart Keyboard” doubles as a case and stand.

Drawing Capabilities

The graphics power and screen display offer the ability to generate pixel perfect drawings for business and creative uses.  To maximize its drawing capabilities Apple introduced the new Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil Apple iPad Pro Apple TV Siri New Apple TV Device Apple product announcement iPad Pro Apple TV iPhone 6sThis is not an ordinary pencil or stylus.  Sensors in the tip communicate with the iPad Pro allowing you to modify your design based on force, tilt and position.  With the Apple Pencil you get a greater level of precision and accuracy with the ability to modify a single pixel.  Its low latency makes it feel like a traditional pencil.

New Apps

The new graphics power and precision capabilities open up the opportunity for an entire new set of fine art & drawing applications.  Drawing apps like Procreate have new functionality.  UMake is designed specifically for the iPad to take advantage of the drawing and graphics features.

Adobe – Adobe shared 3 apps that work together on the iPad Pro to create amazing designs and layouts showcasing features that cannot be achieved on a traditional desktop.  These apps are touted by Adobe as “…Powerful for professionals. Easy enough for anyone to use.”  These apps begin shipping in October.

  • Adobe Comp – Create wire frame page layouts in seconds with access to typekit fonts.
  • Photoshop Fix – Has built in facial recognition for retouching. Take a straight face and make it smile with just a few taps.  This is a brand new app released for iPad.
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Notes – You can draw in the new Notes app.

Mail – You can draw and have markup in Mail.

Microsoft Office – Microsoft execs (to everyone’s surprise) walked on stage committing to fully support the Office productivity suite on the iPad with the draw and ink features.  One new unique feature introduced is “Shape recognition”.  Draw one of 20+ shapes, such as an arrow or circle, and the app automatically converts to a perfect form image.

iPad Pro Pricing

  • 32GB $799 wi-fi
  • 128GM $949 wi-fi
  • 128GB $1079 wi-fi cellular
  • Apple Pencil $99
  • Smart Keypad $169

Available November 2015

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Band Apple Pencil Apple iPad Pro Apple TV Siri New Apple TV Device Apple product announcement iPad Pro Apple TV iPhone 6sOver 10,000 watch apps have been created that focus on health, productivity and social interaction.  Apple Watch OS2, an updated version of the the OS was announced and can now display video and more detailed interactive health information.  A remarkable demo of listening to a babies heart beat through the Apple Watch was shown using a medical app.  New apps coming to Apple Watch include:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • iTranslate – Speak and hear translation from watch.
  • GoPro – See what your GoPro is seeing on your Apple Watch!
  • Airstrip – A healthcare app that allows you to see vitals and monitor pregnant women.

Other new features include

  • Transit information on maps
  • Beautiful leather band designs by Hermés Paris (available in October in select stores)
  • New Gold & Rose Gold colors watch case colors
  • Red wrist band with a portion of proceeds go to fighting aids.

All models are shipping as of September 9th.




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