ipiit app review and demo food ingredient labels read in seconds 600

ipiit App Review and Demo. Check your food allergies against nutritional labels in a flash.

ipiit App Review and Demo.

ipiit app icon food allergy and nutrition detection food ambassadorMillions of Americans have food sensitivities and specific dietary need – lactose free, gluten free, allergies, etc. It can be time consuming and difficult to read through long ingredient descriptions to determine which foods you can or cannot eat. Reading label after label can make grocery shopping a long, laborious endeavor. ipiit App is focused on helping you quickly and easily determine which food contains the sensitivities you wish to avoid, as well as, providing alternative food choices that meet your needs.

The app is easy to use. Define your “triggers” – the ingredients you want to avoid. Tap one or more of fifteen choices such as Almond Free, Artificial Color Free, Egg Free, Lactose Free, Wheat Free, etc. Tap “Search” to scan you item by placing your iPhone over the barcode. ipiit App determines if the product is “OK for You” or “Not for you!” by rapidly comparing your triggers to the product ingredients.


iPit App Allergy food ingredient detection quick steps


Tap the “Ok for You” or “Not for You” recommendation to see which triggers were and were not detected in the product ingredients.  Alternative Products are suggested as well.

ipiit keeps a history of items you have scanned. This gives you a list of items that meet your diet restrictions.  You don’t have to re-scan products to see the detail on items you have recently scanned.  This is helpful if you are shopping and you don’t want to scan every item but can reference a list that you know meets your diet needs.

Alternate Product Suggestions

Compare alternative product suggestions to your scanned item to get instant nutritional information in a side-by-side nutritional chart.  You can compare nutritional value in seconds, which is fabulous.  This is much faster than holding two boxes of cereal side by side and going through each item on the nutritional label.

iPiit App Screen Shots


The Down Side

While many products are in the ipiit app database there a many food items that are not found.  Many specialty items or regionally branded products may not be listed.  However, ipiit gives you the option to help contribute to their database by taking a few pics of the product label and emailing it in.  You become a social contributor to help the cause.

Formulations of food change.  If your allergies are severe you may want to double check labels.  There is no substitute for being in charge of what you eat.


My Experience

I have a child that had severe food allergies that made him very sick.  It took years to figure out all of his many “triggers”.   I was a detailed label reader and grocery shopping took hours until I came up with a list of regular items that I know he could eat.  ipiit would have saved me a lot of time.  Fortunately, after drastic diet changes he has grown out of the majority of his food allergies.  I believe ipiit would have helped me find and determine good food choices much quicker than the manual method I used.

ipiit can help if your child has a friend or classmate with food allergies and you don’t know what to buy for snack or to send to school.    iPiit can help you make shopping decisions quickly and keep a list of “safe” foods.


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