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Key Ring Loyalty Card App Review. Loyalty Cards, Circulars, Shopping Lists in One App.

September 23, 2015
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Key Ring App Icon Review and Demo on ABC WLOS News with Francie BlackKey Ring Loyalty Card App, Review & Demo

Key Ring, the #1 mobile app for loyalty cards and shopping announces new features that makes shopping and saving easier. Key Ring combines loyalty cards, coupons, store circulars and shopping lists in a single app to streamline the store savings experience.

Tap the + sign to add loyalty cards, follow stores (even if they don’t have loyalty cards) and create shopping lists. There is no need to move between 3 or 4 different apps. Key Ring App is a single source.

Key Ring Bar loyalty card App Review and Demo on ABC News with Francie BlackLoyalty Cards

Make your physical key ring lighter by easily adding the loyalty cards to your smartphone Key Ring app. Adding a card takes less than 10 seconds. Tap the + icon, then Add Card. Simply scan the loyalty card by placing the phone camera over the card bar code. Its done! Now you have your card with you wherever you go. At checkout, just tap the card name in the Key Ring app for the clerk can instantly scan.

You can add loyalty cards for any type of retailer: grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores, department stores, office supply, etc.

When you add a grocery store loyalty card the app will automatically show the current circular with the stores weekly sale items. You can check the store sales before you ever leave the house! You can view the pages of the circular by the traditional page view or by product categories. The “category” view option is one of my favorite features. Here you can see the items that are on sale that week organized by category: health and beauty, pet supplies, coffee & tea, soda, water, cereal, etc.

Follow Store

Even if a store does not offer a loyalty card, you can “follow” stores to see their weekly sales. For example, Walmart and Target don’t have loyalty cards but you can see their weekly circulars to see what is on sale.

Key Ring Loyalty Card Shopping List Feature App Review & Demo on ABC WLOS NewsShopping Lists

Easily create shopping lists. Unlike other shopping list apps, there is no limit to the number of lists you can create in Key Ring. Create lists for birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas or by store: Walmart, Target, Ingles, Kohls, etc. Tap to check off items you have purchased. Items on the list are saved until you choose to delete them. This allows you to re-use shopping lists without having to re-enter frequently purchased items.

The Down Side

I love the convenience of having loyalty cards, circulars and shopping lists all in one app.  Many national retailer circulars are listed such as Walmart, Target, and Office max.  This is very helpful however, at this stage of app development, most regional chain circulars are not included – even large regional chains such as Food Lion, Ingles, Publix.  Despite not having the circulars you can still add your any retailer’s loyalty card for quick convenient access.  This is the core feature of the app.


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