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Paper App – notes, drawings, pictures in a single app. Review and demo.

Paper App – Paper, Pencils, Scissors, Photos, Eraser, Notes all in one place.

Paper App Icon - note appThis ultra flexible and full-featured app allows you to capture your inspirations instantly and keep them organized.

Do you have a project ideas written on sticky notes, loose paper and magazine pictures cut out? How do you keep your ideas organized and in a single place? With Paper, the flexible note app, you can keep your notes, photos, sketches all in one space with ease.

What sets this app apart from other note apps are its wide variety of unique features that allow you to create rich formatted notes faster and easier than you can do with physical paper, scissors, and markers.  Here are a few highlights.

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Swipe to Format

Rapidly format text with a simple swipe over the text! Swipe left to make a heading. Swipe right to make a check box. Swipe over a word a second time to the right to make a bullet item.  There is no need to tap menus or scroll through formatting options.


If you find inspiration in magazines, stores, and online take pictures and store them in your notes space. Use the awesome spotlight tool to highlight a specific area in the photo. Use the drawing tools to markup the photo with arrows, circles, notes, etc. If you make a mistake, undo it with a tap.


If you like to draw freehand, use the sketch tool. There are a variety of pencils & brushes for color. The toolbox comes complete with a pair of scissors to cut and move objects around to make different designs.

Auto Correct for Shapes

If you can’t draw a perfect circle, no worries! Draw your circle using the snap-to-shape tool and your freehand circle will snap to a perfect sphere. This works for circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals and more.


Tap and drag to reorganize your notes in as instant. Delete and duplicate your inspirations to refine your ideas.


You can share an individual note with friends through email or social media sites.  Share all the notes in a project “space” as a pdf, presentation file, or as images.

Paper App Note Taking for ideas sketches pictures checklists

Paper app puts all of your idea and project tools all in one place quickly and with ease. Replace your sticky notes, paper, ruler, pencils, markers, eraser, glue, scissors and binder with the a single app. And, when you are inspired, it is there for you no matter where you are!


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