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Free App Tracker: Find app price drops, free apps, and set watch list for price changes.

Free App Tracker: The sale shopping app for apps.

Free App Tracker helps you find deals on apps by tracking and displaying thousands of apps that were paid but are now FREE!   App prices change frequently based on demand, time of year, version updates, new feature introductions, or in an effort to get a higher number of installs or reviews. If you are not sure you want to pay for an app and your willing to wait to see if there is a price drops, then Free App Tracker is a great app for you.

Free App Tracker also tracks apps that have dropped in price and you can share app price drops with friends through email, Facebook and twitter.

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The app is simple to use and offers the ability to shop by a variety of options.

Now Free

Get a listing of apps that have recently gone from a paid version to Free. The previous price of the app displays but not the date of the price drop. You can sort the list by most recent, popularity or in a random order.

Top Free

Displays a list of all apps that are free by popularity (not just recently changed to free). In this list you will frequently see apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat toward the top of the list as they are some of the most popular free mobile apps. Other apps rise to the top when they become popular or trendy.  This is common for games.

Price Drop

Displays a list of apps that have a reduction in price but are not free. This is showing apps that are on currently on sale. You can sort these by most recent, popularity or view them in a random order.


You can also create a watch list. If you have an app that you are not quite willing to pay its price, you can create a watch list. Search for the desired app, tap on its name, then “Track this App”. It is added to your personal Tracking list. Tap Tracking at anytime to see if your list of watch items and if they are on sale. It is like having a personal app shopper!

Browse by Category

For any of the viewing options (Now Free, Top Free, and Price Drops) you can easily filter the list by category. For example, if you want to view apps that are “Now Free” in the “Health and Fitness” category, tap “All Categories” in the upper left hand corner.  Select HealthFitness or any desired category.   There are over 20 categories that including News, Entertainment, Games, FoodDrink, Photography, Travel, etc.  This will significantly reduce the number of apps display in your viewing options list.


Free App Tracker is free!

Download Link

Free App Tracker is only available on iOS however, there are equivalent apps available for Android.

Android Price Tracking App

While Free App Tracker is only available for iOS there are equivalent apps available for Android.  A popular option is AppZap with the following direct download link.  This app does require a login.



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