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Hi-Tech Halloween Costumes and Creative Craft Ideas for 2015

Hi Tech Halloween Costumes

Morph Digital Dudz App Icon Hi Tech Halloween Costumes by Mark RoperSpice up this Halloween with some creative hi-tech designs inspired by Mark Roper, former NASA scientist, gone YouTube star.  Mark Rober has spent the last several years perfecting his DigitalDudz costumes that have become an Internet (and Halloween) sensation.

Mark’s mixture of awesome costume designs and a corresponding app that makes the costumes come alive is unmatched.  The costumes are specially made to fit just about any size smartphone in the costume’s hidden pocket where the beating heart or moving eyeballs show through.


To get the full DigitalDudz experience order the t-shirt, full body costumes, head gear or other costume designs at ditialdudz.com.  There are over 500 costume options to choose from. Then download the Morph DigitalDudz free app with the corresponding animation – such as a beating heart, moving eyeballs and pulsing brain animations, to make the costume come alive.  You are guaranteed to be a sensation at the Halloween party.

Morph Designs hi tech halloween costumes by mark roper 2015

Do It Yourself Costume

If you want to save money, you can create your own Halloween design on a blank t-shirt – a pumpkin, scary face, or bleeding wound.  Cut out a hole for a scary animation to show through.  Then, use the Mark’s free Morph DigitalDudz mobile app to fill in the moving eyeballs, beating heart or oozing blood to make your haunted design amazing.  Use duct tape to hold your phone in place on the inside of your shirt.   This is how Mark started with his original designs that have morphed into unbelievable high end costumes.


Morph DigitalDudz Halloween Hi-Tech Costumes by Mark Roper

Costume Design Options

There are designs for all ages and taste.  Some examples include:

  • Kids – bears, monkeys, ninjas, pirates, etc.
  • Scary – demon clown, terminator, creepy doll face, cyborg, frankenstein, flesh wound, zipper wound
  • Fun – crackling fireplace, stuck santa, peeking santa

Full body costumes (Digital Morphsuits)include:

  • Marvel – Captain America, IronMan, Spiderman
  • Scary – Beating heart muscle iMorph and beating heart zombie

Masks include:

  • Scanning cyborg
  • Cyclops
  • Pulsing brain zombie
  • Rotten Clown Mouth
  • Designs range from

The DigitalDudz costumes go beyond masks, shirts and body suits.  He has created other grotesque Halloween accessories like moving arms, wormy looking things and more.  Check out Mark’s very popular YouTube videos to see these design options and hear about how he got started.
Mark Rober’s Halloween Hi-Tech Halloween Costume for 2015 Video:

Mark Rober’s Halloween Hi-Tech Halloween Costume for 2013 Video:

Mark worked on the Mars Rover but left his job at NASA to create YouTube videos.  He does a great job and my kids love his videos.  They go far beyond Halloween costumes and introduce some fun and scientific concepts in an intriguing way that is appealing to adults and kids.

Costume App Direct Download

Morph DigitalDudz Costume Store

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