Misfit Introduces Shine 2 Stylish Activity & Fitness Tracker

Misfit releases Shine 2, the next generation of their award-winning Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitoring wearable device with companion app

Misfit releases Shine 2, the next generation of their award-winning Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitoring wearable device with companion app.

Misfit Wearable Lifestyle activity and sleep tracker

Misfit New Product Release October 20, 2015


The fully redesigned and enhanced Shine 2 boasts an elegant style with powerful new functionality that tracks activity and sleep more accurately. The design and functionality allow you to wear it from the gym to the board room.

Its 12 lights display over 16 million colors. The halo of colored lights allows you to easily see progress and tell time even in direct sunlight. Misfit Move, gives a gentle vibration nudge to encourage you to be active when you have been still for too long. Other new features include text and call notifications. A silent vibe alarm can also be set.


Misfit Wearable Companion App IcomShine 2’s enhanced companion Misfit Link app now has the capability to connect you with the world around you. Along with being an activity tracker you can communicate with friends, turn on your lights, take a selfie, and change your music.

The internal hardware has been enhanced to a 3-axis accelerometer and newly added 3-axis magnetometer giving it better activity tracking accuracy. Advanced hardware and firmware drastically improves touch responsiveness with capacitive sensing technology, faster syncing and extended Bluetooth range.

The Shine 2’s iconic design is even thinner and its body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It maintains its 6-month battery life, 50 meter water resistance so you can where it anywhere, all the time, without the need to re-charge. “We didn’t compromise on craftsmanship or the user experience,” said Adam Mack, Misfit’s Director of Mechanical Design.

Misfit Wearable Fitness and Sleep Tracker Rose Gold and Black

Key Features

  • Modular, Wear anywhere on your body – Comes with a sport band, clasp, and action clip with more accessories coming soon.
  • Elegant design easily takes you from working out to going ou
  • Tracks steps, calories, distance
  • Automatically tracks light and deep sleep
  • Activity tagging feature for swimming, basketball, tennis,soccer, yoga, dance, and more
  • Multicolor LED lights show progress, tell time, and provide text & call notifications
  • Vibration motor gives Misfit Move inactivity alerts to keep you moving wakes you up gently in the morning with a vibe alarm
  • Connect with Misfit Link to control your world—play music, take a selfie, or interact with variety of internet services and smart home devices
  • No charging required.   User-replaceable watch battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Water resistant to 50 meter

Purchase Options

Shine 2 comes in Rose Gold and Carbon Black  and is available for purchase at misfit.com for $99.00.  It will be in retail locations worldwide November 1, 2015.



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