Free Apps for tracking your Kids and Keeping them Safe this Halloween: Share Location, Track and Treat

Apps for Sharing Your Child’s Location on Halloween

With these location sharing apps you can give your kids the freedom they want on Halloween and keep mom happy knowing the kids are safe. These apps are easy to use and allow mom to keep track of the kids. Track and Treat app is available on iOS and Android.  The Messages app “Share Location” feature is part of iOS.  Use either of the apps on the child’s smartphone and the parent can keep up to date on the child’s active location via the parent’s smartphone.

Track and Treat App

Track and Treat Halloween Tracking App Icon 150This free app is available on Android and iOS. Track and Treat shows your child’s location (turns on location sharing) for the next 4 hours. Activating the app is easy. On your child’s smartphone install and open Track and Treat. Add one or more email addresses or phone numbers of the people who can track your child’s location – mom, dad, grandparents, guardian, etc. The parent (or whomever you entered) will receive either a text message (if you entered their mobile number) or an email message (if you entered their email address) with a link to a page that displays the child’s current location. Tap the link at anytime to get a location update.

The parent does not have to install the app. If the parent does not have the app installed, the link will launch the phone’s web browser and open a mobile friendly page with the child’s location on the map. It is seamless.

Track And Treat Halloween Tracking Share Location App

Pros and Cons

Be aware the location tracking turns off 4 hours after the phone number or email address has been added. The advantages of Track and Treat are that it is very simple and you and your child can have two different brands of phones. As with the Share My Location feature, the tracking only works if the phone is powered on. If the child loses his phone, Track and Treat will provide the location of the phone, assuming it is on and it has not been more than 4 hours.


Share Location within Messages App

This is an excellent feature to use on Halloween or anytime. Share Location, a built in iOS feature as part of the Messages app, allows you to see your child’s location at anytime. A map displays showing his/her current location. Because this feature is based on iOS both parent and child have to have iPhones for this feature to work.

How to Share Location

Messages App Icon for Location Sharing on iPhone iOSTo see your child’s location: On the child’s iPhone go to the Messages App. Find a message (or create one) that your child has sent to you. Tap Details in the upper right hand corner. Then Tap “Share Location”. The parent will receive a text message stating that his child’s location has been shared. The parent can choose to share the parent’s location with the child, if desired.

You can check on your child’s updated location status at anytime.  To do this, go to the parent’s cell phone, open the Messages App and select a message from your child. Tap Details. You will see your child’s active location on a map.

How to Share your childs location on an iPhone Halloween

A few tips

If the child turns off his cell phone or it runs out of battery, the feature will not work. Also, if the phone is dropped or gets lost, you will see the location of the phone on the map but not the child. So, fully charge the phone before he/she leaves for trick or treating and put the smartphone in a safe pocket.

Pros and Cons

With the Share Location option within the Messages app there is no need to install another app on your device.  It is also available to use at anytime – beyond Halloween.  This is great if they are traveling, or if you want to keep track of your teen drivers, etc.  This app is useful beyond Oct. 31.  The primary advantage of using Location Sharing as compared to Track or Treat is that it does not turn off after 4 hours.  If your child gets lost and it goes beyond 4 hours, Track and Treat will not have updated location information.  The disadvantage is that this is an iOS feature so if you are on an Android phone, this will not work.  However, there are other Android based apps you can download that do location sharing.


  • Track and Treat:  Free
  • Messages (with Location Sharing):  Free

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