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Just Released Shadowgate: Halloween Adventure Game with the Dread Pumpkin Quest

Shadowgate with Halloween Quest – Now available on iPad.

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Shadowgate App Icon Halloween Adventure Game on iPadThe renowned point-and-click adventure game, Shadowgate is now re-imagined with stunning visuals, cinematic storytelling, and customizable controls and is spiced up for Halloween with the Dread Pumpkin Quest. The gameplay mechanics are now designed for touch-based gameplay for iPad users (released Oct. 22) and Android users in November.

There is the traditional game play but for Halloween the developers have made a special attraction: the Dread Pumpkin Quest.  The design of this quest is loosely based on a certain beloved classic that we all grew up watching. It is a search and find mission that requires the player to find various new items littered throughout the game, dress up appropriately and free the Dread Pumpkin.

There are four difficultly levels throughout the game so even the Dread Pumpkin quest changes from one to the next.  What works on the easy level may take additional effort on a more difficult level.

Shadowgate Dreaded Pumpkin Quest Begins

Begin the Dread Pumpkin Quest from room 3.  Read the scroll to begin.


Shadowgate dread pumpkin quest adventure
Tip:  In the tomb room find one pumpkin and half of a mask.  You will need to put it on.



Shadowgate on iPad includes the following features:

  • First Person Adventuring with unique gameplay mechanics
  •  4 difficulty settings that change the gameplay experience and puzzle structure
  • Gorgeous hand-painted visuals for a new generation of adventurers, complete with new environmental and particle effects
  • A bevy of objects, spells, and all-new mapping system, with customizable user interface so players can choose between classic on-screen commands or use modern a modern-wheel icon system
  • Mind-bending Puzzles with new rooms and revamped locations from the original, with a ton of new puzzles
  • Cinematic Storytelling with dramatic cut-scenes and great storytelling from the original creators with a dynamic soundtrack by composer Rich Douglas
  • The Dread Pumpkin Quest is here in time for Halloween.  Find and free the Dread Pumpkin – a tribute to the holiday figure, the Great Pumpkin
  • Dozens of Achievement Awards to find and unlock, with compelling cut-scenes, and deep storytelling that make it feel and play like a truly classic Shadowgate experience

A few Tips!

To get started with the easy level, you may want to find and take the skull and key. Try to open the doors, specifically room 1.

In the anteroom use the lever on the floor to right to open the compartment and take the key.  Open room 2 (far door) to exit forward.

Then, as you open the book on the alter (don’t take the book) look and learn spell Invokan.  Hit the unique looking rock to the right of the alter.  Go to the hallway on the right and open all the doors but exit to the left hand doorway and enter the cellar.

If you want more tips, post it in the comments below.

Appy Halloween!


  • $4.99

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