iOS 9 New Features – Notes App – for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch [How To]

This iOS 9 new features quick tip video shows the greatly enhanced Notes App in iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Notes App has new features that make it more functional and flexible with capabilities such as defined format styles, drawing and erase tools, inserting images or videos and active checkboxes.

The new features make the app much better for tasks such as grouping project notes, quick tasks, brainstorming, sketching ideas, to-do lists and much more.

In addition to the New Features in the Notes App shown in this video you can also create folders and view your notes across any mac device. This comes in handy when making notes on your iPhone and then you can automatically see them on your desktop or laptop device when you are back in the office.

This is a great app for work and personal use. I use it for to-do lists, and for taking quick notes on things I don’t want to forget.

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Cool idea for Notes App

Now that the Notes app supports folders, checkboxes and image features I have started using Notes app to keep my dinner recipes and their corresponding shopping lists. This allows me to have the shopping list (as active checkboxes) and images of the recipe with me when I am at the grocery store.    Or, if I want to try a new recipe, I simply add it to the notes app. I can take a picture of a recipe from a book, magazine, or my recipe card to add it to Notes app.  It makes my shopping much easier and I don’t have to plan ahead or write out a shopping list before I go to the store.

This is a simple, quick method for adding recipes and ingredients as compared to other apps.

How To use the Notes App for storing recipes and shopping lists:

  1.  Create a folder called Recipes.

If you will be saving many recipes, you can create multiple folders for organization such as:

  • Recipes: Family Dinners
  • Recipes: Favorite Desserts
  • Recipes: Thanksgiving Favorites

2.  Tap on the new folder then, tap the “new note” icon in the bottom right corner to create a new note in the selected folder.

3.  Tap the + sign to bring up the formatting tools. Tap “Aa” to select the formatting feature. Tap Title, then Done. Type (or use Siri) in the recipe name.

4.  Tap the checkbox feature (circle with checkmark).

Using Siri, slowly read the list of ingredients (with saying “New Line” after each ingredient – this makes Siri go to the next line before entering the next ingredient). If you make an error, I would just keep going and make any edits later.

5.  Tap the picture tool to take a picture(s) of the recipe. Include images, directions and ingredient lists if desired. You will have it all with you when you go shopping.

When you are finished entering the recipe, you can tap the back arrow (upper left hand corner) to move between other notes and folders.

I hope you enjoy this tip and that it saves you time at the grocer

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