iOS 9 New Features – How to Add File Attachments in Mail using iCloud Drive [iPhone]

November 6, 2015
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iOS 9 New Features – How to add File Attachments in the Mail App.

Prior to iOS 9 you could insert images and video into a new message directly from the Mail App but not file attachments. A new feature, “Add Attachment”, allows you to attach a copy of the document directly within the Mail app using iCloud Drive, a new app automatically installed with the new operating system.

This new feature in iOS 9 is long overdue!  It is simple to do but there are a few things you should know.  Watch the Quick Tip Video above to see: How to Add File Attachments in the Mail App.

You can attach any type of file – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Pages, etc as long as it is stored in iCloud drive.  You cannot navigate outside of iCloud Drive to other apps to attach a file.

How to share files not stored in iCloud Drive

If you have files stored in Dropbox or other apps you can still share those files in a mail message but not from directly within the Mail app.  Most apps will send a link to the file and not actually send a copy of the file.

To share a link to a file within most apps:  go to the App, find the file you want to share then press the share icon.  This will bring up a menu of options for sharing including: Mail, Facebook, Messages, etc.   In most cases this will send a link to the file and not attach a copy.

Here in one example on how this works from within Dropbox.

How To Share a Document Link in Dropbox:

  • Go to the Dropbox App.
  • Navigate to the folder with the file you wish to share.
  • Tap to open the desired file.
  • Tap the Share icon (in the upper right corner).

Mail should show up as an option along with many other options (like Facebook, Messages, etc)

  • Tap Mail.

A link to the file is automatically generated and copied to a new mail message.

  • Finish addressing the message and tap send.

Sharing files through this method has been around for some time.  Attaching a copy of the file is new to iOS 9.

Don’t forget to share these How To Quick Tips with your friends, family and co-workers.  More iOS 9 New Features, quick tip videos are coming out soon!

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