Companion App – Personal Safety, Never Walk Alone. Review & Demo

Companion App – Never walk alone. Review and Demo

Companion App Icon Never Walk Alone - Personal Safety appCompanion app assures you that you never have to walk alone. Daylight savings has ended and it is getting dark earlier. If you are nervous about walking to your car or apartment in the dark you can keep a companion with you, virtually, until you feel safe. If you are a student walking on campus, walking from the mall to the parking lot, or getting out of work late and you would like friends and family to know where you are, Companion app can help.

How to use Companion App

In the Companion app, select where you are going by entering an address or tapping a location on the map. Choose friends from your Contacts list who you would like to have as companions: mom, dad, a friend, spouse, etc. You can have multiple people “walk” with you.

Companion App Never Walk Alone. Review and Demo. iPhone, Android

The companions are instantly notified via a text message on their smartphone that you would like them to be your companion. This puts your companion “on alert” that you are moving from point A to point B and you want someone to know where you are.  A link to a map is provided in the recipients text message that your companion can tap any time to check in on your updated location.

The Companion app screen shows your current location and keeps each of your companions a single tap away. If you want to reach out to one of your companions, tap their icon. This brings up messaging and you can send them a message such as an update on your situation.

If you need help and don’t want to type or can’t type, simply tap “I Feel Nervous” to instantly notify each of your companions that you need help.  The companions are immediately notified through a text message and there is no need to type anything. You can also tap “Call Police” which will dial 911 for you.

This quick tap access to your companions and the police keeps you from having to fumble through your contacts to reach someone if you ever get into a bad situation. Each of them is a tap away.

Companion App Alert Messages

If you don’t reach your destination, a large green “emergency” button shows up on your phone.  You have 15 seconds to respond  “YES” indicating that you are ok.  If not, the app will automatically notify your companions that you are in trouble and the app changes to Alert Mode with a siren that sounds.

Companion app was developed by college students for students but, it has become wildly popular beyond universities.  It provides anyone who is walking to their car, home from work, across campus or downtown a sense of security so that one or more people know where you are.


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