New! Runtastic Results App – Training & Nutrition – 12 Week Weight Loss and Fitness Training Plan at Your Finger Tips

November 12, 2015
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Runtastic Results App IconToday – Runtastic, a popular health and fitness app company, released their new bodyweight training and nutrition fitness app called Runtastic Results available on iOS and Android devices. The Results app is designed to provide users of all fitness levels a 12-week training program that incorporates a personalized training plan and nutrition guide with the goal of decreasing body fat and increasing muscle tone for a whole body transformation.

On iOS devices you can also connect your workout information to Apple’s built in Health App combining the Results workout with health data from other apps.

The personalized training program focuses on using the individual’s own weight for resistance to build strength and increase metabolism. The bodyweight training program works on flexibility, balance and endurance – working the entire body. There are over 120 exercises that can me made easier or harder to meet the need for all fitness levels.

Runtastic Results 12 Week Workout Plan for Total Body Transformation

The Health and Nutrition Guide provides weekly tips to educate and inspire a healthy lifestyle. In the Results app, like all Runtastic apps, there is a community of users with whom you can share workouts and inspire each other.

Rather than going to the gym and doing random workouts the Results app puts a program together that is customized to you based on your fitness profile. The app is geared toward users who need a tool to help them jumpstart a health and fitness routine even if they can’t get to the gym. There is no equipment, gym or trainer required for any of the workouts and you can do the training anywhere at anytime – by yourself or with friends.

Runtastic Results 12 Week Workout Plan for Total Body Transformation

The app organizes exercise in three different options to meet your desires.

  • Workouts – A series of combined exercises to work a specific area of the body (such as abs) or to meet a time requirement (maybe you only have time for a 10 minute workout)
  • Plans – A series of personalized weekly workouts for 3 months that are designed to give a complete body workout and geared for a “total-body transformation.”
  • Exercises – Individual exercises to work a specific muscle.

Free Features

The basic app is free which includes access to standalone workouts without committing to a 12-week program:

  • Workouts: 3 – 4 standalone workouts
  • No Plans
  • Exercises: A handful of exercise
  • The first post from the Health & Nutrition Guide

Premium Membership Features

With a premium membership you are given a fitness evaluation questionnaire that is used to create your personalized workout plan. The plans can be modified at anytime to make them easier or harder depending on your desires.

  • Workouts: 20 standalone workouts
  • Plans: Personalized Weekly Plans
  • Exercises: Over 120 individual exercises
  • Weekly posts in the Health & Nutrition Guide

Premium Pricing Model

iOS + Web

  • 1 month – $9.99
  • 6 months – $39.99
  • 12 months – $49.99


  • 1 Month – $9.99
  • 12 months – $49.99

Runtastic has a suite of over 15 different fitness apps and hardware devices to meet just about anyone’s fitness needs. A few of their apps include: Runtastic, Six Pack, Pedometer, Bike, Heart Rate, Me, Sleep, etc. The Adidas Group recently purchased Runtastic.  More info:

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