Free – New Adobe Photoshop Fix App Review & Demo – For iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro

Photoshop Fix App Icon Review and DemoThe new Adobe Photoshop Fix app is a high powered, easy to use, mobile photo retouching and editing app by Adobe; available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. It makes powerful photo retouching features available on mobile devices that were previously only available in Photoshop desktop applications. Take a photo using your iPhone or iPad, professionally retouch the photo and share it with the world all using a single device – no uploading, copying, importing, etc.

Adobe Photoshop Fix is free and puts professional editing tools in a mobile friendly interface so you can quickly refine your images, no matter where you are.  It is powerful enough for professionals and easy enough for the casual user.

Photoshop Fix is a new app by Adobe (Oct. 2015) and is part of a suite of photo editing apps released by Adobe in 2015.

Photoshop Fix Key Features

There are many features in Fix.  Most of these features require just a few taps and a slide of the finger.  It is amazing how many powerful editing tools there are without having a complex program.

Here are a some of the key highlights:

  • Special Face Recognition (Liquify) – The app recognizes facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.  With just a few taps you can change the smile, size of the eyes, or width of the nose.  This is amazing.
  • Spot Heal – Tap on a area in the picture to remove it.  It is that easy. Remove blemishes, background objects, logos, etc.
  • Lighten – Soften shadows and brighten any portion or an entire image.
  • Color and Paint – Make colors pop or add color to any portion of the image.
  • Edit and adjust – Like many editing tools you have the essentials such as controlling exposure, contrast, saturation

You can edit high-resolution images up to 64 megapixels without system slowdown.  You can edit down to a single pixel using the Apple Pencil.


CreativeSync allows you to work seamlessly between multiple Adobe apps on your mobile device in one workflow. You can edit your image in one app, such as Fix, and easily open it within another CreativeSync app such as Lightroom.  You can seamlessly move images to and from these Adobe apps on your mobile devices:

  • Photoshop Mix – Cut out and combine photos
  • Lightroom on mobile – ?? Save your collections
  • Photoshop Express
  • Photoshop Fix

These apps allow you to do simple to detailed refinements to your photos all on your mobile device.

Photoshop Fix & Photoshop Creative Cloud

If you need the additional features that the Photoshop CC desktop application offers you can save and send your Photoshop Fix files with just a few taps.  The Photoshop Fix files are saved and transferred as a PSD file with all of the layers in tact to be used by Photoshop.

To save a Photoshop Fix composition as a PSD file for further editing in Photoshop CC:

  • Simply tap the share icon then “Send to Photoshop”

The composition is uploaded as a PSD file to use in any Creative Cloud application.


  • Free

Photoshop Fix Direct App Download Link

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