Black Friday App-Review and Demo - Coupons, ads, circulars, wish lists all in one app

Black Friday App: Door Busters, Deals, Ads, Cyber Monday, Coupons. Review and Demo

November 25, 2015
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Black Friday App – Review


Black Friday App Icon ads, doorbusters, couponsAre you looking for the best deals for Black Friday?  If you don’t want to carry around a 40 page ad circular, try checking out the Black Friday app that has the latest news on sales, store hours, door buster, ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  This free Black Friday app gives you up-to-date pricing, wish lists and more.


There are quite a few Black Friday apps, each of which offer something unique.  Most show the ad circular and might have a sorting or searching features.  Black Friday App by Sazze, Inc. offers several unique features.

Black Friday App Sales, door busters, ads, cyber monday

Key Features

Special Ad Views

In addition to getting Black Friday Ads, if the retailer has special edition circulars available you can see those as well.  For example, you can see Walmart circulars for  for Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and a special 40 page Walmart Toy Book.

Page View & Product View

As you scroll through the pages of the ad circular you can view it as the printed page you receive in your mailbox but you can also see individual items for each page separated out.  This is excellent for getting a closer view of the product and sale detail.

Interactive Page views

If you are flipping through the retailer Black Friday ad pages  you can tap on any product to see a close up view of that particular item.

Black Friday app ad sales circulars deals cyber monday deals 2

Wish List

While viewing an individual item, tap the + to add it to your wish list.  This allows you to pick out products across multiple retailers and combine them all into one list.  You can sort the wish list by Recent, Store, Price (although the sort by price feature doesn’t seem to work perfectly).  To remove an item from your wish list, select the item and tap the √ to deselect the item.

Shopping Cart

While each individual item shows a shopping cart, you cannot purchase items through the Black Friday app.  Tapping the shopping cart item actually takes you to the retailers website where you can see the items’ online price which, in most cases, does not match the Black Friday in store price.  You can add items to the shopping cart on the retailer’s site which is actually embedded within the Black Friday App but you are adding to the retailer’s shopping cart and not the Black Friday app cart.

Coupons, Codes, Online Sales

When you select a retailer from the Black Friday Home Page you get to the Retailers page.  In addition to seeing the available ad circulars you have options to “Shop Now”, “Coupons” and “Locations”.  Shop Now launches the retailers website.

The “Coupons” button gives you access to:

  • Promo Codes
  • Online Sales
  • In-Store Offers

Tap on any one of these to get the promotion details.  The promo codes tout that they are up-to-date, showing how long ago the coupon was verified, success rates with votes and expiration dates. Black Friday App.

Browse by Category

To view a particular category across multiple retailers for comparison, tap the magnifying glass on the bottom menu.  Here, you can search for a particular item, store or browse through categories.  Tapping a given category, such as tablets, shows available tablets across multiple retailers so you can easily compare Black Friday sale prices.

Sales News

Featured at the top of the Black Friday app home page is “Top Stories” section featuring any hot news that comes out during the holiday shopping season.  Today’s story is “Amazon Cyber Monday Offers Announced!  This is big news as Amazon doesn’t release too much information early so this gives you the access to any big retailer news.

The app is free and is available on iOS and Android.

App Price

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