Paris based Wistiki Launches in US with Indiegogo Campaign – Personal Device Tracking

November 30, 2015
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Wistiki Launches US Indiegogo Campaign

Guest Post:  Christy Dumpit, Wistiki Press Relations Officer
Wistiki Logo - Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Wistiki, a French Start-Up that Fuses Luxury, Technology and Charity in Their New Collection of Connected Devices

Have you ever misplaced your keys? Of course you have! Wistiki, a Paris-based high tech startup company, and a leader in connected devices in France, just rolled out a revolutionary collection of premium connected devices which helps you find your items from your smartphone by making them ring and through geolocalization. Plus, if you misplace your phone, you can use your Wistiki to locate it by pressing a button and making your phone ring. And now, Wistiki is storming the US market!

20151112_Wistiki by Starck_Family Kit 1

Designed by the renowned French creator, Philippe Starck, The FOUND YOU! Wistiki collection presents four premium connected accessories with high-end quality materials. Having a golden antenna, a brushed metal case, unique ergonomics and is inspired by the elements of perfumery and jewelry, the Wistiki is truly a “connected jewel” which represents luxury. The Voilà! Is a connected keychain which can easily attach to your keys making them easy to find. The Ta-da! Is a unique soft-toy with integrated Wistiki technology which can be attached to a child’s blankie to prevent oversights or losses … plus it glows in the dark! The Hopla! takes the form of a credit card, is self-adhesive and can easily integrate inside your wallet, laptop or any flat service, making it discreet and easily trackable. The Aha! Is a medallion that attaches to the collar of your pet making the good old “LOST” posters of your dog/cat a thing of the past.

Moreover, the FOUND YOU! Wistiki collection is 100% made in France, making this the perfect gift for Francophiles! You can now preorder your own collection through Indiegogo, a crowd-funding platform.

In collaboration with Philippe Starck, the concept of “The End of Lost” was created together with the three Lussato brothers, Theo, Hugo and Bruno. They share a personal need and a profound desire to contribute putting an end to losses on every level. With this, they have decided to create The Wistiki Foundation. Their vision is to not only help those who lose their small belongings, but also greater causes. The end of lost is a global action. While the founders and Philippe Starck are conscious that people get over losing their small belongings, they want to serve a bigger cause and help those who are in need of more significant things, things you cannot get back with a tracker, such as a lost home, a lost hope or a lost parent. The Wistiki Foundation will donate funds to different causes each year partnering with the most reliable charity organizations. This year Wistiki plans to donate 25% of its 2015 net profits to international children’s organizations.
So, what makes Wistiki different from other connected devices? Everything.

Wistiki is truly the fusion of technology, luxury and charity.

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