CES 2016 Pre-show Press Events Reveals

CES 2016 Pre-show Press Events Reveals – Cool Robotic Toys, Tiny Windows 10 Computer, Hair Growth Helmets and so much more.

January 15, 2016
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Here is a look at some fun cool tech revealed at CES 2016 pre-show press events.  There is new technology and connected devices in just about every life category.  Some are fun, crazy and practical.  Here are a few highlights:



Dietsensor calorie and nutritional information with a touchDietSensor

Touch your food with the DietSensor and get nutritional information – calories, carbs, protein and fat on the dietsensor smartphone app.  It is scheduled to be out mid 2016 and is targeted for folks with diabetes.  The estimated price is around $250 for the device and a monthly fee of $10-20 for the app for tracking and historical data.  It is being marketed as more of a medical device than a casual calorie counting tool.



Hair Growth Helmet


Promote hair growth with these helmets.  They come in many colors!


3-The Cube - Turn Your Phone into a projector Anywhere


The small RIF 6 black box is a projector for your smartphone.  Project anything from your smartphone – a movie, constellations, a game – anywhere.  You can project the images on a wall, building, ceiling.  It is really amazing.  The box is about 2″ x 2″.



4-Personal Blood Pressure Monitor by OMRON

OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor –

Take your blood pressure accurately with the OMRON wearable.  This claims to be one of the only FDA approved devices and has been clinically tested for accuracy.



5-SculpT measures your bodyfat and provides coaching


This CES 2016 award winner measures your body fat and provides coaching.  Place the device on the muscle to get a reading on your smartphone.  It appears to me that this for the serious workout athlete and not for the casual weight watcher.


6-Bluetooth Controled Smartbulb


Smartbulbs are everywhere at CES. These bluetooth enabled bulbs give you a huge selection of colors, brightness and customizable options from your smartphone.  No hub or base station required!  This product was a Shark Tank and CES award winner.


7-Tiny Parrot Drone with Camera


Parrot is well known for its powerful drones.  These mini-drones look like toys but don’t be fooled.  They have a camera, too.


8-Veta Bluetooth Connected Case for Epi-Pen

Veta – Bluetooth EpiPen Case 

The Veta EpiPen case is bluetooth enabled to let parents know if a child has gotten away from their epi-pen.  The smart case provides notification to the parent and child if there allergy pen if they forget it somewhere or leave it in the car.  There are many other features too, like letting you know if the epi-pen case has been opened or gotten too hot in a car.  This is a comforting product for parents.



9-New smartphone by Huawei

Huawei Mate 8 Smartphone

Huawei made a big splash with multiple big product announcements.  Their new Mate 8 smartphone is pretty smart and has features I have not seen on other devices.  A few of many features include vertical image capture (larger than the screen – similar to a pano picture but vertical), auto-correction for angled images, selfi button on the back for easier one handed pictures, excellent worldwide connectivity and more.





10-One of many styles of Huawei new smartwatches

Huawei Fashion Smartwatches – for women!

Huawei introduced dozens of smartwatch designs that have jewels and beautiful face designs that women will love.  The selection is huge.  It is hard to tell that they are smartwatches that offer the ability to use apps, contacts and so much more.



11-beddit Sleep Tracker Non Wearable

Beddit Sleep Tracker

There are tons of sleep tracking devices but almost all of them are wearables.  Beddit won a CES Innovation award for their invisible sleep tracker that attaches to your mattress rather than your body.  You can unleash yourself from wearable devices and still get sleep tracking data.


12-flic button provides wireless app control

Flip Bluetooth Button

This fun bluetooth device allows you to control any smart appliance or device in your house.  Use a visual point and touch app to tell flic what should happen when the button is pressed.  You can have it turn on smart home connected lights, start your smart washer.  Some fun and creative things are going to happen with flic.


13-Microduino Robotics Kit for kids

Microduino Robotics Kit for kids

This is really cool for any kid (or parent) that is interested in STEM.  Use your existing legos (or other objects) and attach the Microduino cards to make them roll, drive, open, play music, etc.  If you child is no longer playing with that box of legos, pull them out and build a robot with the Microduino Robotics Kit.





14-Mira Fashion and Smartwatch combined

Mira Fashion Smartwatch bangles

Mira introduced her beautiful smartwatch bangles at CES 2014.  This year they have introduced new styles including more bangles and a necklace.  No one will know you are monitoring your health with this designer smart jewelry.


15-Run this compact Windows 10 computer using your iPad, TV Any Screen as the monitor

Kangaroo Windows 10 Computer (its tiny)

The Kangaroo is a full Windows 10 computer (see it sitting on top of the box) that is roughly 3 in x 4 in.  It is crazy small and you can hook it up to any monitor, TV or even an iPad with keyboard (shown here)  and you have a fully functioning Windows 10 computer!  It is the ultimate in portability!


CES is loaded with new technology that we will see in 2016!  Subscribe to my eNewsletter to keep up to date!




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