CES 2016 Roundup on ABC WLOS News – Health & Fitness, Productivity & Business, Camera’s, Gadgets & More revealed at CES

January 15, 2016
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I ran out of time on my WLOS segment to feature all of these cool products I had planned to show.  So, check them out below to see many new tech items from CES 2016!


Connected Refrigerator by Samsung

This is one of my show favorites!  The connected refrigerator by Samsung allows you to see your family calendar, pictures, play music and check the contents of your refrigerator while you are at the store!  If you are not sure if you have milk, eggs, or juice just check your Samsung smartphone app.  Due out mid 2016.


In home clothes refresher by LG

LG Clothes Refresher – Tired of the cost and going to the dry cleaner.  Put the new steam clothes refresher in your laundry room!


360Cam by Giroptic

360CAM by Giroptic – Take a full 360 degree videos all from a single device. There are actually 3 cameras inside and the software pulls the video streams into a single feed.


strap the video camera onto anything by picPIC 1080p Video Camera – Stap these 1080p video camera to just about anything – your dog, arm, car to capture footage that is difficult with traditional cameras and smartphones!


Virtual Reality Roller CoasterVirtual Reality was everywhere at CES 2016.  These attendees are taking a ride on a roller coster but never leave the building.  In additional to the VR headsets the seats they are in move up and down, shake, turn and lift to simulate the sensations you get on a real roller coaster.


Baby Contractions monnitor by Bloom

Bloom – Baby Monitoring.  Attach the bloom to your cute belly and get heart rate and see your contractions.  This was really cool!  We’ll be showcasing all kinds of new baby tech on iPadWisdom and WLOS in weeks to come.  Stay tuned!


Count Calories with Diet Sensor

DietSensor – This cool device measures your calories, proteins, carbs and more just by touching your food.  It syncs with your smartphone app to give you a nutritional picture of your diet.


Count your calories with connected Spun

SPUN Calorie Counter – Use this smart fork and app to have it automatically count your calories.  This product is still in development with no release date.

Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron

OMRON Blood Pressure Checker – If you need to keep tabs on your blood pressure or just about any other health point there is probably a bluetooth connected device that will record the info to your smartphone.  This OMRON blood pressure checker writes your blood pressure history to a corresponding app.


Headphone headband with sleep monitoring

SleepPhone by Harmony – Strap this to your head and have it play music to put you to sleep.  It also tracks your sleep patterns to its corresponding app.


Smart Accessory Watch by Mira

Mira Bangle – If you want more stylish than a rubber wristband to track your activity and sleep.  Mira, Misfit and many others are coming out with smart accessories that you can wear by themselves or with other jewelry.


Digital Smartwatch by Huawei

Smartwatch by Huawei – Huawei a large chinese company is hitting the market strong in the US.  In addition to TV, phones and other gear they have a lineup of beautiful smartwatch that look analog.  You can change the face to one of many choices to meet your personality and mood.  You can also get notifications, see your contacts and so much more.


Personal Cloud Drive maker LINK

Personal Cloud – LINK by fasetto – This is really cool.  If you are tired of paying monthly fees for storage you can create your own personal cloud using an external hard drive and this LINK cloud devices.  Saves time and money as you can add as large of a hard drive as you need without having to pay any extra!


16 MP Camera Smartphone by Huawei

HUAWEI Mate 8 Smartphone – Huawei is making a big splash in the US with its new Mate 8 Smartphone.  A few unique features include the selfie photo button on the back, vertical pano photos, auto tilt adjust photos and more.  I’ll be doing some serious tests on this!


Floating holograms

Holograms for marketing & design – This was really cool.  These objects float, twist, spin and are truly eye capturing.  Make a big marketing splash with these holograms.


Connected Sports Balls by Wilson

Connected football and basketball by Wilson – Just about every piece of sporting equipment can be connected to your smartphone for either training or for tracking exercise.  Wilson offers a connected basketball and football.


Novelty Cat Headphone by Brookstone

Brookstone – Purrrrrrfect Headphones. These fun headphones have speakers into the ears. You can find them exclusively at Brookstone.


Hackable - Games and Coding for Kids Hackaball

Hackaball – Play and learn at the same time. Hackaball teaches your kids easy programming to give the ball different characteristics – colors, flashing and more.


Bluetooth connected lightbulb by ilumi

Bluetooth Bulbs by ilumi – Turn you lights on, off, brighter, dimmer all from your smartphone and without a hub. Simply plug and play.

Direct Connect iPhone Projector - Cube by RIF


The Cube – RIF 6 Miniature iPhone Projector – allows you to project anything from your smartphone to a wall. You can project movies, games, constellations, story books, etc. It requires a dark room and the tiny projector is about 2” square! I will be giving this a trial run.


Chill in your lounge chair to watch your smartphone and tablet hands free

Use these stands to hold your smartphone or tablet for watching movies, vides, etc all hands free. Kick back and relax!


3D Printing by Whiteclouds

3D Printing by Whiteclouds – The number of 3D printers that have hit the market (or that are coming to market) is huge! There are 3D printers for home, business, schools, etc. The high end 3D printing by Whiteclouds gives incredible detail, mulit-colored and makes life like objects.


Energy Boost by HumanCharger

HumanCharger – Put in these light emitting ear buds to give your body a real charge. You can charge your smartphone, your watch, and your health devices. Now you can power you!


29-Faraday Future Electric Car Faraday Future Electric Car 2

Faraday Future Concept Car – At this unveiling Faraday Future announced a billion dollar manufacturing plant to break ground 1st quarter 2016 in Nevada. They revealed this bat mobile like concept car but purposely avoided announcing plans for a electric car that is expected to be a Tesla competitor.


We will be testing and reviewing these products and many more introduced at CES 2016 throughout the year on ABC WLOS news and on my blog.  Be sure to follow, subscribe, like to get the latest updates!



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