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January 15, 2016
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Carrot Hunger App IconDo you want to lose some weight in the new year but you are not motivated by traditional (boring) calorie counting methods? Carrot Hunger app has a snarky personality that will insult you and make you feel guilty about what you put in your mouth. This unique approach might be just what you need to help you shed those extra pounds. Carrot Hunger talks to you in a sassy robotic voice – about what you eat, how much you eat, and makes smart comments when calorie intake is higher than she feels is appropriate. Everyone needs to laugh and Carrot Hunger takes a fun approach to a traditionally hard topic.


Carrot Hunger starts of by calling each of us a meatbag.  Then she’ll give you a few insults and accuse you of lying. Most people find the Hunger app hilariously entertaining but if you have a sensitive soul, a more traditional app like Lose It or MyFitnessPal may be your motivational tool.

Carrot App Hunger Screen Shots

The downside of Hunger App is that the feature set is pretty limited on the free version. To get more advanced features you have to pay for add-ons such as saving meal history for faster entry. It is also limited in its nutritional information and while the app is (currently) free, Carrot’s companion apps such as Fit that provides extra features are not free.

The real benefit of Carrot is that it makes the dry subject of calorie counting entertaining instead of tedious.

If you enjoy Hunger App’s sassy personality you may want to check out Carrot’s other talking apps such as:  To-Do, Alarm, Fit and Weather.  They all make use of humor and sarcasm to get you motivated.  Carrot’s suite of apps are only available on iOS.

Suite of Carrot Apps

Enjoy the new year and I’ll be working on shedding a few pounds, too!

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