CES 2016 Unveiled New Products released at press events

CES 2016 Unveiled Las Vegas – Here’s a look at cool products introduced at press events.

January 15, 2016
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They are expecting 165,000 attendees at CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Showcase) and 20,000 new product introductions!  Here is a sneak peek at products introduced at the CES Unveiled Press Event on Monday evening.  Products range from crazy to cool!  Check them out…
Ween Thermostat

Ween Thermostat.  Control your home temperatures from anywhere.  Competes with the Nest suite of products but claims to be way more efficient and save you more money.

Triby Magnetic Portable Speaker that also makes calls

This magnetic portable speaker sticks to your refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc.  It plays music, talks to you, and you can make calls through it.  Move it around with you as you move through the house.


Pic Bend It Wind it Play it

This is one of my show favorites…the Pic 1080P video Camera!  Bend it, Wind it, take video with it then play it!  Strap it to your dog, car, arm, bike – You can capture anything!


Kwikset Premis remote Control door lock

Lots of tech home products are at the show this year.  Unlock your doors with your phone and the new Kwikset Premis product works with Apple HomeKit.

Home Clothes Refresher by LG

Tired of taking your laundry to the dry cleaner?  Put the LG clothes refresher in your home.  It “refreshes” (cleans?) your clothes using steam – no chemicals allowed.


BRYDGE Clear and Beautiful Cases

Brydge introduced some beautiful tablet keyboards and cases that keep the elegant design of your Apple products.  They also have beautiful leather sleeves that keep the tech fashion top notch.

Faraday Concept Car 2

At this private press event Faraday Future presented a batman style concept car and a billion dollar manufacturing plant to be built in Las Vegas.  The governor and mayor of Las Vegas were in attendance at the unveiling.

1080P Video Camera that can go anywhere

Another pic of the pic video camera that can be strapped onto most anything to capture 1080p video!


Reliefband Keep away morning sickness and motion sickness

The reliefband protects you from morning sickness and motion sickness.  Originally developed for chemotherapy patients it is now available over the counter for expecting mothers or those with motion sickness.


HELIX CUFF Jewlery and Earbuds

Fashion and tech meet with the HELIX CUFF bracelet and wireless bluetooth earbuds that are tucked inside.


Marathon Washer and Dryer all in One

Marathon is new washer/dryer combo that is controlled from anywhere.


Link by Fasetto Hardrive Cloud Device

This little device is super cool.  Hook it up to any size hard drive and your router to create your own personal cloud!  I can’t wait to test this out!


misfit health wearable

Misfit is showcasing their fashionable healthcare trackers.  Cool designs and functionality.  Misfit was recently purchased by Fossil so we should be seeing some more fashion statements in this category.



Cable that won't break

Do your power cords split at the friction point?  This handy cable keep that from happening.


Personal Movie Theatre on Your head

This is not VR but has a fun screen for watching movies.  It is literally like you are in your own personal movie theater.  It blocks out all of the outside noise.  I was impressed.


Chipolo bluetooth Key and accessory Finder

There were at least 3 or 4 companies displaying their personal device trackers.  This one by Chipolo that works in two directions and has a longer than typical bluetooth range.


Faraday Future Concept Car Unveiled

Another shot of Faraday Future’s cool concept car.

headphone you can sleep in

Sleeping is huge topic at CES Unveiled this year with multiple companies (mattress and others) helping you sleep better.  These SleepPhones by Harmony allow you to sleep comfortably with speakers on your head and it also tracks your sleeping pattern.


CES Unveiled Las Vegas CES2016

Official CES 2016 Unveiled Press banner…

360 Degree Camera on a StickJPG

This 360 degree video camera uses 3 cameras and then splices them together to make 360 degree footage.


Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer

Take your temperature by touching the thermometer to your temporal.  The thermometer takes over 4000 measurements in just a few seconds to give you an accurate reading…so much easier for the elderly, infants or anyone!


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