Valentines Day Gifts – Awesome Photo Book Apps: photobooks, GoGroove & Mosaic

Photo Book Valentines Day Gifts – photobooks vs Groovebook vs Mosaic app

This Valentine’s gift idea is sure to please anyone special – friend, spouse, mom, grandmother and more. This is a high tech solution for creating the perfect Valentine’s Day gift in minutes and at a great price.

We all have hundreds of special pictures on our smartphones that we can share digitally but sometimes it is nice to have a book of those precious memories. We have featured 3 different awesome apps that turn digital photos into photo book treasures that you can keep, share with others, put on your coffee table or give as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. With each of these apps you can make your photo books in minutes! Surprise your special someone with a beautiful photo book of your children, wedding, baby, vacation or any special event. These books are personal, unique and meaningful.

Each of the three apps mentioned have unique features that provide 3 different photo book options and pricing. You can choose which app works best for you! You have time to get the books printed and mailed back just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Option 1 – FreePrints photobooks

Freeprints Photobook App IconYou may recall the segment I did on the FreePrints App which gives you free photo printing each month! If you missed this segment and article be sure and check it out here. The same company (Photo Affections) is launching their new FreePrints photobooks app next Wednesday, Feb. 3rd. This killer app allows you to select photos from you smartphone, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Photos, to put in your photobook for printing.

Besides a super easy, clean user interface FreePrints photobooks app gives you a FREE 20 page, softcover, 5″x7″ photo book each month with a $7.99 shipping charge. There are no subscriptions or commitments. I realize this sounds like a gimmick but the way I understand that FreePrints works is that it makes a little off of the shipping fee. If you want extra pages, hard cover or other ad-ons you pay for those features, but the app tells you up-front. There are no hidden fees. Photo Affections (the company behind FreePrints & photobooks apps) hopes you love their services and products so much that you will order more!

Freeprints Photobook Sample

How it works

Freeprints Photobook App Screen ShotGet one free 5×7 standard softcover cover photo book every month.

  • Pay a shipping charge of $7.99. Shipping charges don’t change, no matter how many books you order.
  • Premium hardcovers in 8″ x 6″ and 8.5″ x 11.5″ are available for an additional charge
  • Start out with 20 pages. Add more pages for a small additional charge.
  • There are no subscriptions or commitments. Create a photo book whenever you like.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back!
  • All FreePrints photobooks feature premium papers, vivid color and long-lasting laminate covers. Interior pages are printed on acid-free, archival paper with a satin finish that makes photos sharp and vibrant. They’re printed and bound in the U.S. using the highest quality standards.
  • Photo captions
  • 1 or more images per page


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Option 2 – Groovebook

Groovebook Photo Book App IconEach Groovebook is an awesome little photo book with 100 of your favorite pictures. The idea is that you get a colorful new Groovebook each month for a monthly subscription price of $2.99. You can select photos from your smartphone to go in your Groovebook or have the app choose the most recent 100 pics. In a year you will have 12 little Groovebooks that document your year in photos. The year is printed on the spine of each book and you can circle or mark the month. Your first book is free with the coupon code MYFREEBOOK.


The Groovebooks are more for “flipping through” lots of images to see all of the awesome things you have done in the year. The pages do not lay open like a traditional coffee table book. The quality of the images is acceptable but not awesome. If you select less than 100 images you will either get a blank page or a duplicate photo. Every Groovebook is 100 pages, the same size – 4.5″ x 6.5″ and comes printed in fun great paper covers.

Groovebook Photo Book Display


Groovebook provides an easy and cost effective way to save and share photos for a lifetime (even if you lose or break your phone). You can send Groovebooks to friends and family. The concept is so popular, the company was purchased by Shutterfly, Inc.

Groovebook Photo Book SizeHow it works

  • Pay a Monthly Subscription Price – $2.99 (includes shipping)
  • Select 100 photos from your smartphone, Facebook, etc.
  • Your 4.5″ x 6.5″ Groovebook is mailed monthly
  • Each page is perforated so you can easily pull out a photo to give to someone.
  • Product Style & Feel – Fun and simple
  • No image captions
  • 1 image per page

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Option 3 – Mosaic Picture Book

Mosaic Photo Book App IconThe awesome Mosaic photo book has style and function. The 7″ x 7″ book makes a statement with its modern style hardback linen cover with 13 “windows” that show a miniature sneak preview of what is inside. Each Mosaic photo book has 20 pages (1 image per page), is beautifully packaged and costs $25.00. These make beautiful gifts for weddings, birthdays, special occasions and are high quality.

The size and style of each Mosaic book looks the same. Your pictures and the window images are what make each book unique. The quality of images is high and you can print one or many books. This is not a subscription service like Groovebook and the resulting photo book product is a very different feel.

Mosaic Photo Book Sample

Create a Mosaic photo book using the pictures from your smartphone, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Dropbox, etc. The user interface is good but not perfect. Creating an Album (folder) within your Photos app to group your desired photos prior to creating a Mosaic book will save you time. Within Mosaic app you cannot zoom in on your photos, which can make it frustrating. Faces and other images on the cover page are very small. Using the Mosaic photo book app on a larger screen such as an iPad may be helpful.

How it works

  • Mosaic Photo Book Cover and SizeSelect 20 pics from your smartphone (you cannot add more photos)
  • The Mosaic photo book is shipped within 4 days
  • Style and Feel – formal, classic & stylish
  • No image captions

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