The New Zip App accurately predicts the outcome of the New Hampshire Caucus

February 10, 2016
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The Squabble Resolver – The social question answer app for life, business, family, politics and more.

Breaking News:  The new Zip App accurately predicts the outcome of the New Hampshire caucus.

Zip App The question answer app app iconZip App is just 4 months old and it already has more than 100,000 user engagements every day. In comparison, Twitter had only about 5000 tweets per day at the same early stage. So what is Zip App and what makes it so appealing?

Zip is a free question / answer app that mixes social engagement and feedback with a key ingredient – anonymity. Over 500,000 answers to questions are posted each week. People that you don’t know post questions about life, politics, entertainment, sports, family, marriage, etc.   People that you don’t know, respond with answers to the questions.   It is a great way to resolve squabbles. No gender, age, income level, friends, location, marriage status, etc. is revealed.  There is complete anonymity.

A famous actor or a housewife could be asking or answering the question.  No one knows.

Zip App Entertainment and Life Questions

As a result people open up to ask opinions, advice, personal questions, moral or even fun general info. You receive organic and genuine feedback.

Here are a few recent questions and results:

If you don’t agree with any presidential candidates, do you...

  • 71% Pick the lesser of the evils; 29% Abstain
  • 465 people weighed in, asked for 1 week

Would you tell on your coworker if they came to work with alcohol on their breath?

  • 52% No; 48% Yes
  • 137 people weighed in, asked for 3 days

What do you think of the boycott against the Oscars?

  • 81% Overdoing it; 19% Justified
  • 382 people weighed in, asked for 2 days

No foul language, racism, bigotry, or hate speech is allowed. Questions containing this content are automatically removed.

Political Questions on Zip

Zip App Correctly Predicts the New Hampshire Caucus

Zip App Correctly Predicts the New Hampshire Caucus:  Feb 9, 2016


You receive surprising responses and have conversations that may not happen if you knew who was posting, answering and reading responses. Sometimes responses defy what the press and popular media presents. For example, Zip app may be able to more accurately reflect political outcomes.

Zip App Political Questions and Answers Hillary vs Sanders

Political questions are hot right now giving immediate feedback on the Presidential campaign.

  • Who do you want to win the Democratic nomination? Sanders or Hillary?
  • Who do you trust more? Hillary or Trump?
  • Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton?

Right now, Zip users are more in favor of Trump winning should the two end up running against each other – 62% Trump wins, 38% Clinton wins. We will see what happens on election night and compare the actual vs Zip results!

Zip App vs Polling Apps

Zip is a bit like polling but is unique in its complete anonymity.  There is no individual or business that governs the Zip question and no one knows who asked or answers the question.  The person asking the question could be a famous or homeless.

There is no demographic data or sending topics to just one designated group – making the answers more organic and genuine than traditional polls and surveys.  Zip app questions are more simplified than typical polling – all questions have two answer choices.  There is no branching of answers and each Zip is only 1 question.

It is also unique in that you can

  • Settle arguments with results from other users’ opinions in real time
  • Receive real time opinions that you can’t get from Googling
  • Be 100% anonymous

Interesting facts

  • While the app is great for all ages with age-appropriate controls, the average age of a Zip user is 33 years old.
  • There are over 500,000 answers to questions per week and growing fast.
  • Currently the most popular category is Relationships & Dating, followed closely by Lifestyle, Entertainment and Politics

Results Validity

Of course, someone can lie when answering but what benefit does it provide? No one knows who’s answering or who’s asking the questions so, who is the liar trying to fool? And, while lies can skew an answer percentage on a question with a low response rate, most questions have hundreds or thousands of people giving responses so a few lies doesn’t significantly change the outcome.

More Info

The rapidly growing free interactive app is revolutionizing everyday conversation.  Zip Question Answer app is free and available on iOS, Android.

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