SWORKIT Fitness App – To appear this Friday on “Shark Tank”. What makes this fitness app unique? Interview with Ben Young, CEO

February 17, 2016
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SWORKIT Fitness App – To appear this Friday on “Shark Tank”. What makes this fitness app unique? Interview with Ben Young, CEO.

Sworkit Fitness App IconSworkit, daily workout and fitness app, is set to be featured on Shark Tank this Friday, February 19th, 2016 from 9:00 PM EST on ABC. There are tons of fitness apps in the mobile app stores so, what makes Sworkit unique? What will Shark Tank judges think? I spoke with CEO Ben Young, and here is what he had to say on what sets Sworkit fitness app apart from the competition.


Well Rounded Workouts

Sworkit boasts about its well-rounded workout plans that offer full range of exercises that include stretching, intensity and frequency. Well-rounded workouts are known to be most effective and not all exercise apps do this. The complete workout focuses on aerobic exercise, strength and flexibility.


Sworkit Fitness App Home ScreenIn speaking with Ben Young, CEO of Sworkit, he stated that “Sworkit also differs from the competition because it provides not only the fastest and easiest way to get to an actual workout, it’s completely customizable to you.”

You simply choose your focus area, and select the exact amount of time you have to workout from 5 to 60 minutes and the app will pull from a library of individual video demonstrated exercises and merge them into a workout (aka exercise playlist). You can skip any move just like you can skip a song and it will be replaced by another move and you still will get a full length workout. It’s like Pandora for working out. And since it’s fully customizable you can make your own workouts, which is as easy as creating a music playlist in your favorite music app.

Sworkit touts that no other app on the market takes this fully modular, video playlist concept and makes it that easy for you to workout. Sworkit has 60+ year olds who can figure out how to use Sworkit app and now with its new low impact exercises it is even easier to cater to these customers.




Mr. Young, states that “There’s a reason we regularly sit in the top 10 health and fitness apps and regularly rank higher than instructional workout apps like Nike Training Club.”

Sworkit Daily Exercise and Fitness App Screens


  • Sworkit Light Version – Free – heavily ad supported
  • Sworkit Premium – Ad free, $2.99/month, automatic renewal


It may be worth noting that Sworkit requires a login – to use even the light version. So while it may be “free” they are gathering personal data.

According to Mr. Young, “We don’t sell any of the users data. Requiring a login recently was something we moved to to provide convenience to the user. That way your workout history can be synchronized across multiple devices and our web platform coming soon, and it helps make when people migrated to a new phone so they don’t lose their data. Alternatively it’s allowing us in the future to use your data to make smart recommendations to you personally.

There are free workout apps that do not require account creation (user tracking).  Some people care about these types of privacy issues while other’s don’t.

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