Baby Tech for the Modern Pregnancy – Winners, Finalists in the Best of Baby Tech Awards CES 2016

February 20, 2016
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Baby tech is booming and there is tons of hot new tech for babies before, during and after they are born. These cool products were showcased at the first-ever Baby Tech Summit, produced by Living in Digital Times, at CES 2016. Several are winners of the The Bump – Best of Baby Tech awards hosted by pregnancy and parenting brand The Bump.

Julia Wang Site Director, The Bump

Julia Wang, Site Director

The Bump, is an online community that gives first time parents the lowdown on fertility, pregnancy, birth, and babies with stage-by-stage advice, stylish ideas and more. The baby tech awards were judged by Julia Wang, The Bump Editor in Chief, Randy Zuckerberg (sister of Mark Zuckerberg) and other industry experts.

Some of these hi-tech products are in early release phases, some will be out later this year and others are readily available. Some are from big name brand companies and others are early innovative startups.  Enjoy!

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by Bloom Technologes

Belli tracks contractions for third trimester mothers. The Belli sensor attaches to your belly using a medical grade adhesive and the app shows you a live view of your contraction pattern. Each recording session is then available to look back on in the history feature.

What has been traditionally done with a watch, personal counting and a log book, can now be done automatically with more accuracy and with a visual graph that showing the contraction pattern during each recording session. The pattern shown on the graph allows moms to discern Braxton Hicks contractions vs. contractions that may indicate labor. This gives moms peace of mind, a clear second opinion and an accurate account of what is going on. A side benefit is that it eliminates arguments with the husband (or anyone else) that questions your delivery status. 😉

In future versions, Belli will also measure stress, sleep, kick counts, and activity levels, as well as, answer just about any questions you have about pregnancy.

Interesting Fact

While Bloom has many 1st time mothers as customers, the larger percentage is made up of moms on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th pregnancy.

Community involvement

Millions of moms and babies experience pregnancy complications every year. Bloom has partnered with Preterm Birth Initiative at University of California San Francisco in support of their research in identifying physiological biomarkers and novel interventions to help reduce the impact of preterm births. If you choose to opt in, your data can be used to accelerate medical research benefiting moms around the world through this partnership.


  • Early Access Program – $29.00/week (lease for one or as many weeks as you desire)

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by Reliefband Technologies

CES 2016 Best of Baby Tech Awards – “Fertility & Pregnancy” Category  – Finalist

Relief Band Relieves morning sickness naturally

Most women want to avoid taking medications while pregnant.  So, if you have morning sickness, what do you do?  Reliefband, is an innovative wearable technology that provide relief without medication and side effects.  Mom can turn it on/off at any time.

ReliefBand is an, FDA cleared (tested and quality controlled), wearable device that provides fast and effective relief from nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy and motion sickness.  It works similar to acupuncture and is is clinically proven to relieve symptoms within minutes. There are no side effects or drug interactions.

Wear the band on your wrist and adjust the intensity to meet your needs.  In a few minutes you will begin to feel better.   Turn it on and off as needed.  It is safe, and easy.

How it works:  Reliefband works similar to acupuncture.  It generates pulses with a highly specific waveform that stimulates the median nerve on the underside of the wrist.  This precise activity uses the body’s natural neural pathways to block the waves of nausea produced by the stomach.

Interesting Facts:  The same technology is used in medical settings to provide cancer patients that are undergoing chemotherapy relief from nausea.

While pregnant mothers gain significant benefit, it is provides effective relief for anyone that suffers from general nausea often associated with boating (cruise ships), train rides, virtual reality and amusement parks.


  • $89.99

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Snuza Pico

by Snuza®

Snuza Pico Baby Tech

Traditional baby movement monitors are typically fitted beneath the baby’s mattress. Snuza monitors attach directly to a baby’s diaper and alarms you if no abdominal movement is detected.

Snuza Pico, the newest in the Snuza baby monitoring family was introduced January 2016 at CES.   This groundbreaking portable movement monitor works with or without a smartphone. You can optionally connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth to display the baby’s abdominal movement, skin temperature, sleeping position (side, face-down, face-up), and whether there is potential risk. It can even tell if the baby sits up!

How it works: Snuza Pico monitors abdominal movement by using a patented contactless sensor array, which detects deflections of baby’s abdomen. If movements fall to less than 8 movements per minute or if there is no movement detected the device vibrates. If this happens repeatedly an alarm sounds to alert you. The Pico does not need to be in direct contact with baby’s skin and reduces false alarms caused by loss of contact.

Snuza portable movement monitors are made with hypo-allergenic, medical grade plastics and do not send or receive radio frequency signals. Weighing only 1oz, these monitors are the lightest of their kind on the market today. The Pico carry case recharges the built-in battery, which lasts about 1 week before recharging.

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iBaby Monitor

by iBaby Labs

CES 2016 Best of Baby Tech Awards – “Baby Safety” Category – Finalist

iBaby Monitor with humidity and temperature Readings

There are lots of baby monitors on the market but iBaby Monitor M6T is more than just a viewing monitor. In addition to having a 720p HD video, it features night vision, two-way audio, smart sound, motion alerts, temperature and humidity sensor, music player, 360 degree view and more.

iBaby Monitor M6T is Wi-Fi based and comes with a free iBaby Care app, which allows access to the video feed at any time and from anywhere for up to four devices – mom, dad, grandma and the sitter can all check on baby. The monitor also has night vision LEDs for a clear view even with the lights off, two-way sound and an auto record alert system.

Unique features

  • Innovative Elegant and Current Design – Doesn’t look like a typical baby monitor. It is stylish and makes a statement.
  • Easy Setup – It takes less than 1 minute. Plug in the power adaptor xxx test this & connection to app.
  • Sleep mode for privacy (blocks out smartphone viewing during private moments like breastfeeding)
  • Super wide angle viewing
  • 110º Tilts and 360º turn with fluid sliding motion with a swipe of the screen (as compared to most tap methods). Allowing you to follow a child’s movements.
  • Auto record when alerts with a series of 3 pics or 15 second video (most baby monitors only record photos)
  • Temperature and Humidity in Fahrenheit and Celsius

You can hear you baby and your baby can hear you. It will send an alert notification to your mobile phone if it detects a sound or motion. It automatically logs the alert event with a short video or a series of photos.

The monitor also has temperature and humidity sensors that let you know what the air is like in your baby’s room – in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

You can also play lullabies from the music library, record your own audio files to be played later and enjoy taking photos and videos. It fluidly turns 360º pan and tilts 110º allowing you to control the camera remotely for an optimum view with the slide of a finger.


  • iPhone, iPad
  • Android

Price and Availability

  • iBaby Monitor M6T – $199.95 –, as well as, online with Best Buy, and online and in store with Babies R Us, etc.

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Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

by Kinsa, Inc.

CES 2016 Best of Baby Tech Awards  “Healthy Baby” Category – Winner

Kinsa Thermometer with Mobile app

The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is designed to bring parents instant peace of mind when they need it most – when caring for a sick child. Working in just 1 second, Kinsa lets parents know whether their child is ill, and helps them take action if fever and symptoms are cause for concern.

Kinsa works wirelessly with iOS smartphones, to automatically record fever history, symptoms and medications to share with the doctor.

Product Benefits:

The biggest benefit of the Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is that it brings parents peace of mind by instantly and accurately providing a fever reading, and offering real-time guidance if fever and symptoms are cause for concern.

Key Features:

  • Instant, 1 second temperature readings
  • Records history for all family members in one app
  • Can be used on its own, or syncs wirelessly to the Kinsa app
  • Remembers for you – the Kinsa app records fever, symptoms, medications, notes
  • Guidance – in-app knowledge from medical experts guides parents on when to take extra precaution or head straight to a doctor

Kinsa thermometers are the only thermometers to provide guidance if fever and symptoms are cause for concern.

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Owlet Baby Monitor

by Owlet Baby Care

CES 2016 Best of Baby Tech Awards – “Baby Safety” Category – Winner

Owlet Oxygen baby socks breating monitor

**SPECIAL OWLET OFFER ***Viewers can use code news13 at checkout and get free standard shipping. Expires at the end of February.

The Owlet Baby Monitor is the only monitor that uses hospital technology, pulse oximetry, designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. Pulse oximetry is safe, proven and effective, and we’ve miniaturized this technology into a snuggly baby sock that your little one wears to bed.

Product Benefits

  • Owlet is the only monitor to give you one less thing to worry about
  • We’re silently watching over your little one to give you peace of mind, and maybe even a full night’s sleep.
  • 100-day peace of mind guarantee


Your Owlet Monitor will come with three sock sizes. Owlet will fit your little one until his or her first birthday, and fits most babies up to a year and a half.

iOS is available now. Android will be released June 6th. Any Owlet Monitor purchased between now and then will be Android compatible.

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by VersaMe

CES 2016 Best of Baby Tech Awards –  “Learn and Play” Category – Winner

Starling Word Count Reader

The Starling is the world’s first word-tracking device. The number of words a child hears before age 4 is one of the biggest predictors of their future cognitive, social and emotional success.

Over 30 years of research has proven that it’s critical to talk to children during this period of rapid brain growth and development. So, VersaMe created the Starling: a smart, little device that tracks the number of words your child hears and says each day. The Starling uses technology to empower parents to become their child’s first and most important teacher.

Product Benefits

The Starling’s companion smartphone app helps you set word goals, track your child’s language exposure, measure your child’s development, and gives age-appropriate info and activities for even more learning opportunities. The Starling helps to answer the question, “Am I doing enough?” As a parent, it’s easy to be either over-confident or anxiety ridden. The Starling helps ease parenting concerns by giving parents a benchmark to measure their level of engagement with their child.

Key Features

The Starling clips to your little one’s clothes or can be attached to a stroller or car seat. At any time, simply pressing the Starling’s button will let you know you’ve hit your daily target, with a blinking orange or green light. The companion smartphone app will give you analytics to put your words into context. The attachment options swap out in seconds so you can easily move your Starling from a newborn’s onesie, to a preschooler’s waistband, to an overstuffed diaper bag.

Unique Features

The Starling is the world’s first word-tracking device, and as such, we believe privacy is paramount, especially when it comes to your children. That’s why the Starling doesn’t record anything you say–it simply counts words as they are heard.


  • $199 includes Starling, software, and clip attachments
  • $169 Limited time offer for pre-orders

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Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor

by Rest Devices

CES 2016 Best Of Baby Tech Awards – “Baby Safety” Category – Finalist

Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Sleep activity Monitor Onesie

She’s finally asleep. It’s definitely quiet. Wait, is it too quiet? Is she OK? She’s OK. Is she? I should pick her up to check. But, I might wake her. I’m sure she’s fine. Right?


With Mimo, you’ll know everything you need to know about your newborn’s sleep activity and quality, breathing, body position, and skin temp, right on your smartphone. So whether you’re upstairs doing laundry or downstairs cleaning bottles, you know your baby is sleeping soundly.

Product Benefits

  • Stay connected to your baby, no matter where you are.
  • Hear your little one’s coos and cries, whether you’re on a business trip or across the hall.
  • Keeps watch over your baby when you’re asleep.

Key Features

  • Measures your baby’s sleep activity and quality, breathing, body position, and skin temperature
  • Get insight into your baby’s sleep quality and activity right to your smart device, in real-time
  • Easily share data across multiple devices so both parents can stay in the loop
  • Mimo app is available for iOS and Android devices
  • Push alerts on your smart device keep you notified of changes in your baby’s activity, such as irregular breathing or position changes
  • Mimo kimonos are 100% cotton and are machine washable


  • Starter Kits retail at $199.99, and Refill Kits retail at 29.99.

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Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe™ Embrace™ Infant Car Seat

By Evenflo

 CES 2016 Best of Baby Tech Awards – “On the Go Category” – Winner

Evenflo Sensor Safe Car Seat

Upon arrival at your destination, the Evenflo SensorSafe™ Technology will generate a series of tones, reminding you that your baby is present in the vehicle. These tones are activated through a smart chest clip and wireless receiver. Additionally, the receiver will also notify you if the chest clip becomes unbuckled during transit.

Key Features

  • 4-35 lbs.
  • SensorSafe Technology™
  • SureSafe™ Installation
  • Buckle Pockets
  • Blanket Boot
  • Upfront Harness Adjustment
  • Extended Canopy
  • Stay-in-Car Base.

SensorSafe Technology™ is also available on the Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe™ Epic™ Travel System.


Winner of several industry leading awards including “The Bump Best of Baby Tech Award”. The Bump named Evenflo the winner of the “On the Go” category. This award honors organizations that are utilizing cutting-edge technology to design and engineer innovative products or services in the baby industry.


  • Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe™ Embrace™ Infant Car Seat: $149
  • Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe™ Epic™ Travel System: $229

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Freemie Hands Free and Concealable Breast Pump Collection Systems

by DAO Health

CES 2016 Best Of Baby Tech Awards – “Baby Eats” Category – Winner

Freemie Breast Pump - Pump with your shirt on

The Freemie Breast Pump systems are the only truly hands free breast pump system in the world.

Product Benefits

Freemie systems allow moms to use their existing hospital or personal breast pumps with their clothes on, so they can pump wherever they need to, whenever they need to.

Key Features

The Freemie systems cups are designed to be placed in a woman’s regular bra, under her clothing, where they collect her milk. Freebie cups have different connection systems to connect to all the most popular breast pumps.


The patented Freemie systems are the only hands free breast pump system that can be used with ordinary clothes on. Because of their unique design, they are well supported by ordinary bras, and so are the most comfortable and useful hands free breast pump system in the world.


  • $60 to $200

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