How do I print from my iPhone, iPad or Android Device? Can I print from a remote location?

Epson Printing from a TabletI have received several emails with questions about printing from mobile devices. Our viewer Debbie recently sent in the following:

“I have lots of recipes saved on my iPad. Is there a place I can go to have them printed?

~ Debbie

I thought I would answer several of the questions received about AirPrint, Android printing, remote printing and introduce you to some awesome new EcoTank printer technology by Epson that saves a lot of time, money and hassle!


Printing from iOS Devices

You can easily print from an iPad, iPhone to a printer that support Apple’s AirPrint. If you are on an iOS device and have a printer at your home or office that supports AirPrint you can print directly from your iPhone of iPad by simply tapping the “Share” icon, then tap print. Your iPhone and printer will need to be on the same wireless network. AirPrint comes standard on hundreds of printer.

Printing from Android DevicePrinting from Android Devices

For Android, most new devices have built-in printing capabilities. Native Android printing was introduced with Android KitKat (version 4.4), which allows mobile users to print directly from a photo, web page, etc if you are on the same wireless network as the printer.

To test if direct Android printing is supported on your device, do the following: While you are on the same network as the wireless printer, tap the menu option – typically located in the top right corner of the screen.  Then look for the print option in the menu. If you don’t see “Print” you may need to install the printer’s plugin from the Google Play Store.

Don’t have a printer (or have an older printer)?

If you don’t have access to a direct wireless printer many FedEx Office and UPS Store locations offer this as a service.  I would check with your local office to see if the service is available.

Remote Printing

In addition to direct wireless printing, most newer printers allow you to print directly to your home of office printer while you are anywhere in the word!

This is a fabulous feature that provides ultimate convenience. You can be traveling and still easily print photos, documents, web pages and more that will be waiting for you when you get back to the office.

Epson eMail Print – Epson offer remote printing from anywhere in the world through a feature called Epson eMail Print. When you setup your printer you have the option to assign a unique eMail address to the printer.

Once the printer’s email address is defined, you can email a picture, attachment, document, etc. to the printer’s email address. You can use any device (iOS, Android, laptop, desktop, mobile) from anywhere in the world. When you get back to your office, the document will be there waiting for you!

HP has a similar feature called HP ePrint.


Other Cool Printer Features by Epson

Epson Connect Features

Epson has more features that offer additional remote printing options. If you have a laptop or desktop device you can install Epson’s Remote Print Driver on the computer.

The Remote Printer Driver gives your PC (desktop or laptop – not mobile) the ability to print directly to compatible Epson printer even if you are not on the printer’s network!  You can print from any application to a compatible Epson printer – anywhere by simply clicking File > Print.  You can assign an access code so only people with the code can print.

Epson Workforce Printers with EcoTank Long Lasting InkEpson’s New EcoTank Printer – Ink Supertank

Epson’s has a new line of EcoTank™ printers that use liquid refillable ink that lasts approximately 20 times longer than a typical Ink Jet printer!  This is a huge advancement in printer technology and puts the EcoTank printers in a “Supertank” category. The printer comes with enough ink to last up to 2 years!

The EcoTank technology is appealing due to the low-cost, hassle-free color printing. It is great for business and the home office. The cost of the ink is less than traditional toner cartridges and lasts significantly longer. Saving you hassle, time & money.

Epson Printer Pricing

  • Epson’s EcoTank line of printers range from $379.00 – $1,199.00
  • Ink replacement = ~12.99 per bottle, or $52 per set. (Equivalent to ~20 sets of typical cartridges!).

More info:


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