How to back up your iPhone, iPad, iPod with iShowFast USB flash drive with lightning connector

iShowFast App IconJenny emailed us the following question, “I’ll be traveling in a few weeks. Is there an easy way to back up my smartphone?

There are a variety of backup options. The best choice depends on your needs.  This week we’ll look at a highly portable device for backing up images that works great for traveling. Next week we’ll dig into a more comprehensive solution with automated backup capabilities.

ishowfast usb drive with lightning connector for iPod iPhone ipad

iShowFast Drive for iOS

iOS Devices

A clever device for backing up data while traveling is the iShowFast USB 3.0 flash drive. It has a Lightning connector on one end and a USB port on the other. This device is for iOS devices – iPod, iPhone, iPad.

The drive is simple to use. Plug the Lightning Connector into the power port. Select iShowFast drive then + to select the files on your smartphone (iPhone) that you want to backup to the iShowFast drive. You can backup images, videos, music and contacts.

icirround ishowdrive wireless white

iShowDrive Wireless – Android & iOS

Remove the USB flash drive from your phone and, if desired, copy files to your PC using the USB port. You can also copy files from your PC to your smartphone using the iShowFast Drive.

Android uses can use a similar device by iCirround called the iShowDrive wireless flash drive. It works for both iOS and Android and similar features as the iShowFast drive featured here.



Cool Feature

ishowfast usb to lightining connector by icirround companion app screen shotIf you don’t have a lot of space left on your iPhone but you still want to record videos or take pictures you can plug the iShowFast USB flash drive into the power port as though it were an external drive – for direct storage. You can take pictures and videos and have them save directly to the flash drive rather than on your smartphone! This keeps the video and images from using up precious storage on your mobile device.

This is useful when you are out of space on your smartphone or, if you don’t want to us up your iPhone storage but you still want use the device as a camera.

How to:  When saving the file you will be prompted as to where you want to save the image (or video) – the iPhone or flash drive. If you want to have it default to the flash drive, from the app home screen, tap settings. Tap Storage Path then iShowFast.


iShowFast by iCirround touts itself as being the world’s fastest USB flash drive with integrated lightning and USB 3.0 connectors. The drives come in 16GB, 32GB, & 64GB and 128GB capacities and are supported on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Things to know

ishowfast usb to lightining connector by icirround companion app screen shot 2If you have a thick case on your phone, you will probably need to take it off in order to get a secure connection to the flash drive. The iShowFast drive works with some thinner cases but not all. With a thin case you can frequently get the device to connect however it may not maintain a consistent connection.

Great for Travel / No Network Connection Needed

The iShowFast drive is excellent for travel as it is lightweight and ultra portable. It also doesn’t require any cables or power source.

In addition it doesn’t require any type of network connection (or PC) in order to backup. You can be riding on a tour bus without any network access and backup your images quickly and easily.

Automated Backup & Comprehensive Solutions

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution that will backup multiple devices to a single drive, we’ll be digging into some great options next week.

iShowFast by iCirround Pricing

(as of April 17, 2016 on

  • 16 GB – $76.00
  • 32 GB – $99.95
  • 64 GB – $149.95
  • 128 GB – $219.95

iShowFast is available for purchase at Amazon and other retailers. If you are unable to find this exact brand many retailers such as BestBuy, Target & Walmart all carry similar devices.

More Info

·      iShowFast Flash Drive (iOS only)

·      iShowDrive Wireless Flash Drive (iOS & Android)

iShowFast Companion App

(You can view the to see how the app works prior to purchasing the drive)