How to back up smartphones, tablets, PC’s and cameras to a single drive and on the go. My Passport Wireless Review.

How to back up smartphones, tablets, PC’s and cameras to a single drive and on the go.

A Classic Problem

You take lots of photos on your smartphone, tablet or DSLR Camera and you regularly offload them to your computer to free up space on your devices. Before you know it, your computer runs out of space, too. What is a good solution to the problem?

On-the-Go Backup Solution

Last week we looked at an ultra portable lightning connector drive for extending the storage on an iPhone, and we provided an option for Android users, too (Article:  ultra portable backup). Those devices are fantastic but what if you need serious capacity (terabytes instead of gigabytes) and would like to backup more than one device – a tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone, camera – while you are on the go, to a single location?

Comprehensive Wireless Backup Solution

My Passport Wireless WD backs up tablet laptop smartphone android ios mac windowsThe My Passport Wireless drive is a comprehensive solution that you can take with you wherever you go. You can easily backup tablets, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and cameras all to the same drive and it does not require an Internet connection.

When you setup the My Passport Wireless you will give it a name and password (if desired). The drive creates its own local wireless network using the assigned name. The drive acts as its own wireless network drive, in which up to 8 devices can connect at the same time.

From any of your devices connect to the My Passport Drive wireless network. You do not need Internet access – you can be out camping or filming a wedding.

WD My Cloud App IconFrom a PC the My Passport Wireless drive becomes an additional drive in which you can copy files to and from. On your smartphone, you will need to install the WD My Cloud app. Use the My Cloud app to backup photos, videos, and music to the passport drive.

My Cloud App Screens



You can connect to the drive using any of the following connection options.

  • Wireless
  • USB
  • SD Card

Photographers & Videographers can back up or transfer files from their SD card while they are in the field to keep on shooting.

WD My Passport Wireless Drive 2If you are backing up large files, remember that copying files with a USB cable is faster than using the My Passport Wireless Wi-Fi network.

Supported Devices Include:

  • Tablets, PC, smartphone, compatible wireless cameras, SD card
  • PCs (Mac & Windows)
  • Smartphones (iOS, Android)

I found the Passport Wireless drive easy to setup and worked flawlessly on first try. I’m a mobile worker with a lot of video files that take up significant space on my computer. The Passport Wireless solves my backup and local drive capacity issues.  It is like having my own personal cloud that can travel with you, even when you don’t have Internet access.

Key Features

File Server

You can easily share any file stored on the drive to anyone on the My Passport wireless network. This works great for a family or small office.

My Passport Wireless WD Western Digtial Backup DSLR camera using SD CardWireless Camera Support

If you have a new wireless camera that supports FTP with anonymous login (ex: Nikon WT-2 and Canon WFT), you can backup images wirelessly using the file transfer protocol.  Alternatively, you can use the built in SD Card slot.

Shared Wi-Fi Hub

If you are in a hotel or place of business where only one Internet point is available to you. Connect the My Passport Wireless to the Wi-Fi network. Then, you can have other people access the Internet through the My Passport connection. Connect the Passport drive to the network then turn on “Shared Connection Mode”. This can save money at hotels or other locations with restricted access.

Media Server

Stream My Passport Wireless to devicesThe My Passport Wireless drive can serve as a home media server used to stream photos, music, and videos to DLNA compatible devices. With streaming enabled, you can stream and view content on you home entertainment center, game consoles (ex: Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3).

If you are traveling and you want to watch movies on your mobile device but they are taking up too much space, you can stream the videos from the My Passport wireless to mobile devices that have a DLNA server or media player such as VidOn or Skifta.

Battery Life

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours with continuous video streaming and up to 20 hours of standby time with the built in rechargeable battery.

Automated Back Up

You can use the My Passport drive to do a “complete” backup of your computer (PC or Laptop). In order to do this the My Passport Wireless drive must be connected to the computer physically with the USB cable. Using the WD SmartWare® software, for Windows OS, you can backup your data automatically with continuous backup. The SmartWare® software costs an additional $19.95 and is valid for 3 computers.

For Mac Computers, you can use the Time Machine software that comes with your computer but you have to reformat the My Passport drive.

More info on automatic backup:

Digital loss

According to Western Digital 30% of people never back up their devices.   Unplanned exposure to water, computer crash, stolen devices, dropped systems are the most common ways you loose data.

The My Passport Wireless is a portable option, with large capacity, that supports all of your devices for backup!


  • My Passport Wireless – 1TB:  $149.00
  • My Passport Wireless – 2TB:  $179.00

Direct Purchase Link:  Passport Wireless

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