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Google Flight Search – How to find the best prices on airfare

Google Flight Search – How to find the best prices on airfare.

Are you thinking about taking a trip this summer but you are not sure where to go and where you can get the best prices on airfare? There is no need to search through multiple travel websites as Google Flight seeks out and summarizes flight options for you. Google Flight is a specific search within Google that scans across many airlines databases to help you find flight options and destinations that meets your needs and budget.

How To use Google Flight Search:

Directly within enter your flight search criteria in this format:

Flights from CLT to NYC  Or,   Flights Charlotte to Paris

Google Flight Search How to Find the best prices on airfare - 3Within the Google search results page you will get a table with an overview of available flight choices from many different airlines with corresponding prices. Directly within this table you can change your dates or enter different locations.

Google Flight Search How to find the best prices on airfare Results
Flight Options

Click More Google Flight Results>> to see detailed travel options and available flights. From here you can set criteria such as number of travelers, # of stops, compare nearby airports, and many more all without leaving the page. There is no need to have 10 browser tabs open.

The flight tip section tells you if there are lower fares available on any nearby dates. When the tip section says Show Flexible dates, click here to display a flight date/price comparison grid. (You may have to click the tip section before it will display the show flexible dates option)

Google Flight Search how to find the best prices on airfare TableMy favorite feature is the Price graph that shows if prices are likely to rise or fall over the next several months.

Google Flight Search How to find the best prices on airfare - Price Graph
Explore Destinations

From the flight listing page there is an option in the upper right corner to Explore Destinations.  This opens a map that allows you to see what other destination cities are available and the prices of airfare to get there. Click on any city to get more details. This is really helpful and works for international travel as well!

(Note:  If you are in the Explore Destinations section and want to get back to the flight listing page, click the Menu Icon (3 horizontal bars) in the left corner next to “Explore map”.)

Google Flight Search HOw to find the best prices on airfare Explore Destinations

Booking Flights & Saving Itinerary

When you find the flight you want on the Flight List page, select the desired outbound and return flights. At the bottom of the selected flights you have the option to Book Flight or Save Itinerary.

If you book a flight it will take you ticket purchasing options – usually direct with the airline or a travel website. Flights are not booked directly on Google.

If you select Save Itinerary you can come back later and compare prices and get price change notifications. You can also save multiple itineraries until you decide which trip you want to take.

Google Flight Search How to find the best prices on airfare Book Flight Save Itinerary

Google Flight Search is an amazing tool that turns hours of flight and travel planning into an easy search. It is the fastest, easiest and most thorough way I know to compare flight prices and options. I wouldn’t plan a trip without it.





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