Father’s Day – 10 Awesome Tech Gift Ideas for Dad and Summer Fun

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10 Awesome Tech Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

If you don’t have a gift yet for Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to start off with some cool tech ideas that dad will love for summer fun & travel.  Then we wrap the list up with some practical hi-tech favorites.

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1. OPTRIX PRO Waterproof Camera Case – by Body Glove

Optrix Waterproof Case by Body Glove for iPhoneThis awesome waterproof case turns your phone into a rugged underwater camera. I dropped my phone in the river last year while tubing and said goodbye. Don’t let this happen to dad. The OPTRIX Pro is waterproof up to 33FT for the iPhone 6/6s and up to 15ft for the 5/5S/SE making is great for the beach, poolside fun, kayaking, snorkeling and more. It comes with a wrist strap and various lenses for underwater pictures. It is also droppable & mountable.

Optrix is currently available for the following devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s


  • Varies by model and lenses $99.95 and up

Direct Purchase


2.  Ergonomic Headphones with Microphone – by Accessory Power

Accessory Power Earbuds Headphone Go Groove AudioOHM HDX Fathers Day Gift Coupon Code

The GOgroove AudiOHM HDX series headphones have an angled noise isolating design and in-line microphone. They are stylish but also good for working out or using at home. These have advanced, ergonomic design with premium audio. The innovative angled design of the earbuds allow audio to stay in your ear and prevents outside noises from entering so you can fully enjoy whatever you are listening to. Three sizes of spare ear gels (S, M, L) help assure that your earbuds are the perfect fit.

Father’s Day/Summer DISCOUNT CODE

  • $10.00 Off HDX10 – offer valid until July 9th

Regular Price

  • $19.99.
  • With HDX10 coupon code $9.99

Direct Purchase


3. Yatra Waterproof Speakers – Aquatune Series

Aquatune rugged waterproof speaker Bluetooth floats

The Yatra Aquatune 5712 waterproof Bluetooth speakers feature All Weather Sound for clear playback even in the harshest weather conditions. These are great for camping, hiking, swimming pools and the beach. All of the Aquatune series speakers by Yatra are waterproof, shockproof, float, and are affordable.

You get up to 12 hours of play time. Connect and control the speaker via Bluetooth or in-line cables. It is IPX7 certified.


  • $39.99

Direct Purchase

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4. Cube, Mobile Mini Smartphone Projector – by RIF6

RIF6 Cube Projector on TentThis cool device turns your smartphone into a projector. Project a movie on a tent wall, side of a camper or even the side of a house! The Cube mini projector is 2×2” and turns your mobile screen into a vivid, 120-inch display.

Use it at the office, home or out camping. This is unique gift for dad. See the detailed article for more features, compatibility info and review that I wrote and recently featured.


  • $299

Direct Purchase & More Info

5. iShowFast Wireless Drive – iCirround


iShowFast DriveIf you will be traveling with dad this summer and taking lots of pictures. Dad could probably use the iShowFast drive to backup photos to free up space on his iPhone while your family is on the go!

See the detailed article and demo for more information and demo that I recently featured.


  • Varies significantly depending on model & storage capacity- $39.00 & up

More Info

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6. TYLT Quik – Rapid Car Charger

TYLT Duo Rapd Y-ChargerThis isn’t just any ordinary car charger.  TYLT Rapid Car Charger charges mobile devices up to 75% faster. Mobile devices only charge at their maximum rate if the correct USB specification is used.

TYLT is the first company to introduce a solution that marries all different charging standards into a single charging solution – Android, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Micro-USB or Lightning. The TYLT Y-Charge [QUIK] charges any device, smart phone or tablet, at the fastest rate that device is capable of. And, you get two ports, which give dad easy access charging, as well as, the kids.


  • $39.99

More Info & Direct Purchase


7. Pure Grip Weighted Golf Gloves – POWERHANDZ

POWERHANDZ Weighted Training Golf GlovesFor the dad with a mean golf game try the POWERHANDZ Pure Grip Gloves. These weighted gloves are designed to increase hand and arm strength to increase power and speed.

The weight is distributed across the top side of the glove with a grip material on the palm yet had durability & flexibility during movment. The increased finger strength allows for proper control of bat or golf club in full swing

They are available for Baseball, Golf and Lifestyle in Y, S, M, L, XL and XXL


  • $69.99

More Info & Direct Purchase


8. Folio Bluetooth Keyboards – by Zagg

Zagg Bluetooth KeyboardsGive dad the gift of productivity. Increase the functionality of dad’s iPad mini or Pro with a Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard/case.   I love the my Zagg case/keyboard. Zagg also carries a full line of Bluetooth keyboards for Android and Window’s mobile devices, too.


  • Zags’s Bluetooth keyboards for Android, iOS & Windows devices – $39.99 and up

More Info

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9. Tile Device Trackers – by Tile

Tile with AppIf you lose your keys (or other items) with the Tile attached, simply use the smartphone app to set off the tone to help you locate the item. If the Tile (with your keys) is out of Bluetooth range, view the map to see the last location where you had your keys. Tile makes a great gift for dad!

See my full review and demo on Tile and other personal item tracking devices.


  • Starts at $25.00 for a single Tile

More Info & Direct Purchase


10.  Blink, WIFI wireless home monitoring cameras – by Blink

Unique places to put Blink Home Monitoring System 2Give dad a cool new home monitoring system. “Blink” is a new entrant into the market that touts unique features and a great price. Blink takes pride in providing a choice of power options. You can power the cameras by battery or power adapter.   The battery option provides the ultimate flexibility allowing you to put the camera in unexpected places – attics, front porch, over a doorframe and even in the refrigerator! Blink will work where you don’t have access to a power outlet. And you can avoid the messy look of cables.

See my full review, demo and price comparison chart on Blink.


  • Starts at $99.00 for a one camera system.
  • There is no data storage fee!

More Info & Direct Purchase


These tech gifts are sure to please any Father that loves gadgets and gear.  Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy.


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