PriceBlink: Are you getting the best prices on Amazon? Here’s how to find out!

June 29, 2016
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PriceBlink: Are you getting the best prices on Amazon? Here’s how to find out!

If you are shopping online but you are wondering if you are getting the best price, try installing a browser extension called PriceBlink. It automatically compares prices across 11,000 shopping sites and you don’t have to leave the site you are on to compare prices.

PriceBlink eliminates the time and effort that is typically required to compare online prices and it is simple to use.

To use PriceBlink (install it first using the link below), simply shop for an item on your favorite online store, such as Amazon. PriceBlink automatically shows up at the top of the browser window. Click the “Compare Prices” menu to see product prices across multiple retailers.

PriceBlink Price Comparison Extension - How does it work.


Here are links to examples of current savings.  Note that prices change daily so savings that are available today or at the time of this posting might be different tomorrow. However, this will give you some ideas of how easy it works and the savings you can achieve (don’t forget to install the browser extension first – see link below).

Current savings:

Karl Quist, Co-Founder of PriceBlink, states

“. . . about half the time people find better prices using PriceBlink, and on average the prices are 17% lower.”


You can also get a list of verified coupons directly from retailers such as Kohl’s and BestBuy. While you are on the retailer’s site, PriceBlink will display at the top of the browser window. Click Coupons to see active coupons from the retailer that can be applied to your order.

PriceBlink Coupons at Kohls

Current Coupon Examples


I interviewed Carl and asked him some specifics about PriceBlink. Here are a few of my questions and his responses.

Does PriceBlink compare exact models?

Q.  Popular retailers like Lowes and BestBuy carry similar products, like washer/dryer units, but the model or specs might be slightly different. Is PriceBlick comparing exact models?

A.  PriceBlink is matching on manufacturer part number and/or UPC, so we should be showing the identical product.  Every once in a while we mismatch things — but that’s very rare.

How does PriceBlink handle sale items?

Q.  There are many holiday sales right now across most retailers (ex: BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart – for 50” TV’s). Does PriceBlink always compare the latest prices? Even sale prices?

A.  The majority of our pricing data is real-time, meaning we are getting up to the minute sale prices.  Some of our merchants push updates on a daily basis, but our prices are never older than one day.


Q.  Does PriceBlink store or sell personal information?

A.  PriceBlink does not store or sell any personal information when using the price comparison & coupon features. If you desire to add items to your wish list you will need to create an account but your information is kept private.


I have become dependent on PriceBlink to confirm that I am getting a fair price. I appreciate its quick price listing response and non-intrusive behavior. I thought it might be too gimmicky for my taste but I have to admit, I like it. 🙂

More info

PriceBlink is a free browser extension that has been tested & approved (not all extensions are “approved”).