How to catch a smartphone thief – Lockwatch App Review

August 10, 2016
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Lockwatch App Icon - Thief Catcher AppTake a stealth picture of a smartphone thief or phone intruder

Lockwatch is a very cool Android app that can help you catch a smartphone thief. If someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong passcode, a picture and location is instantly taken and emailed to you without the thief knowing. It is completely silent and invisible.

The email shows the photo of the individual, as well as, their location when they tried to unlock your phone. You can share this photo and location information with police as evidence to help you locate the device. With this app you can also tell if anyone you know is trying to unlock your phone when you are not around.

True Thief Story

A friend of mine had a customer come into their place of business. The customer lost her phone and later called the place of business to see if it her phone had been located. It had not. Fortunately, the customer had a thief catching app installed, which provided multiple pictures of the thief trying to unlock the phone. The police were contacted. It was determined that the thief was an employee who was immediately terminated.

Lockwatch catch a thief app email notification

Other Intruders

Not only can you get information on a thief but you can also get info on friends, family or co-workers that might try and look at your phone when you are not around.  If anyone, thief or friend, enters the wrong passcode their picture will be taken and emailed to you.  So, no more wondering if someone tried to look at your phone while you were away from your desk.


Lockwatch is an Android only App. There are some thief type catcher apps for iPhone but they do not operate in the same capacity.

Apple, Inc. does not allow app developers to access the camera (and other features) when the phone is locked. Apple’s iOS has a stricter development and security standard.  The iOS apps I have reviewed take a picture of the thief after they have gotten past a lock screen.

This is an app that I recommend all Android users install.

App Price

  • Base App – Free
  • Premium – $4.99

Free Features

The base app is free, which includes the following features:

  • Secretly & silently takes a picture of the thief when wrong passcode is entered
  • Location captured using wi-fi and gps when wrong passcode is entered
  • Immediate notification of thief & location

Premium Features

Premium features provide extra security and increase the likelihood that your phone will be recovered. Premium Features Include:

  • Sound Recording – 20 seconds of audio is recorded and included in the email notification
  • SIM card change notification – an email notification is sent that includes photo, location, new SIM phone number, subscriber ID & network (if available)
  • SMS Notification to Friend – Extra layer of notification is sent via text if an email is not able to be sent
  • Retry Sending – If the phone does not have a data connection to send the email notification it will continue to try sending later when a data connection becomes available.

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