How to quickly convert old photos to digital albums – Unfade App Review

September 21, 2016
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Unfade App Review

How to quickly convert old photos to digital albums for easy sharing

how-to-quicly-convert-photo-to-digital-albums-2If you have photo albums or shoeboxes with lots of old pictures that you want to digitize for easy sharing with family and friends, try the new app Unfade. It lets you rapidly digitize old photos into electronic albums, saving hours of time.

I have found Unfade to be a fabulous app that has allowed me to rapidly digitize tons of precious family history photos and easily share them with my siblings.

Unlike the traditional phone camera Unfade allows you to continuously scan photos so you can quickly digitize a large numbers of pictures. The app auto detects the edges so you don’t even have to remove the pictures from an album.

The Unfade color correction filters automatically enhance the photos by reviving faded colors. Choose from a variety of filters for other photo effects. You can also crop and rotate if needed.   Photos are automatically grouped into albums in which you can add or delete images.

Sharing Unfade App Albums

Share an album via any of your desired sharing options: mail, messages, Facebook, etc. After you click “Share” and select a size for the exported photos in addition to the sharing options you will get the option to “Save Photos”. This saves each photo to your iPhone Camera Roll as individual pictures.

Sharing an album basically sends each photo as a separate image using the method selected. For example, if you email an album, the recipient receives the individual images within a single email. The formatting layout of the album within the Unfade App is not retained.

Printing Photos or Albums in Unfade

Unfortunately you cannot directly print pictures or albums from directly within the Unfade app. In order to print the pictures you will need to perform the steps mentioned above for Saving Photos to the iPhone Camera Roll and then print the images from there.

Purchase Details

  • Price: $4.99 (at the time of this writing)

Direct Download Links:

  • Android: “Coming Later this Year”




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