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September 22, 2016
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Editing by Julie Wallace

Never worry about a lost or stolen Mac again! The Track My Mac app, available on iTunes from MacKeeper, will detect your Mac’s current location, make a photo of the thief or intruder, and send the data directly to your iPhone.

Features of the Track My Mac app include:
  • Anti-Theft: Report your Mac as “Stolen” to begin tracking from your iPhone immediately
  • Evidence-based reports: Get an iSight photo of the thief with location details when you report your Mac is stolen
  • Remote Screen Locker: Lock and unlock the screen on your Mac via the Internet Spy Lock: Receive evidence of unauthorized access by a snapshot of the person who enters incorrect Mac OS User Account Password on your Mac’s locked screen
  • Unlimited number of Macs to track: Add and track multiple Macs for free
  • Location Tracker: See your Mac’s current location from your iPhone as long as your WiFi is activated (MacKeeper uses Google Location Services to determine the exact location)

Installation is simple!

To connect your iPhone with your Mac you should first install MacKeeper with the built-in Anti-Theft tool:

  • In MacKeeper, go to the Anti-Theft tab and click “Install Anti-Theft” on its Welcome Screen
  • Authorize with your Track My Mac login and password
  • Once installed, turn on Location Tracker and set up Lock Screen You will immediately see its up-to-date location in Track My Mac. If your Mac is missing and someone connects to the Internet, you will receive an Anti-Theft Location Report on your iPhone, including an iSight photo of the person in possession of your Mac.
  • If someone enters an incorrect password on your Mac when the screen is locked, you will receive a Lock Screen Location Report with an iSight photo of the intruder directly to your iPhone.

Downloads and more info:

MacKeeper can be used on Macs with OS X 10.6 or later.
Track My Mac can be used on iPhones with iOS 8 or later.

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