Drugs.com App: Free medication guide for identifying prescription medications in a flash

September 28, 2016
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drugs-app-medications-identifier-app-iconDrugs.com App

How to identify prescription & over the counter medications quickly & easily

drugs-com-app-medication-guide-pill-identifierHave you ever found a baggie of prescription medications in your purse or briefcase and you can’t remember what the medicine is or what it was for?   Drugs.com mobile app can help you identify prescription and over-the-counter medications based on markings, shape & color.

Pill Identifier

Tap the pill identifier icon and enter the imprint, color and shape to find the drug match. All matching medicines will display in the search results. Tap View Images & Details to see what the drug is used to treat and get specifics including Drug Class, Pregnancy Category, Manufacturer, etc.

If you have an elderly person in the home that is taking multiple medications you may want to use the print feature so they can have the description with picture for reference.

If you scroll all the way down below the Print option and past some of the advertisements you will see additional viewing options for more details such as side effects, support groups, pricing & coupons and other resources.

If your pill does not have an imprint or you can’t read it, you may get a very large number of search results. All prescription medications in the US are required to have a marking so if you have a pill with no marking, it may be a vitamin, herb or diet pill.

Interactions Checker

Drugs.com is loaded with great features even beyond the pill identifier. The Interactions Checker helps you identify negative interactions between specified drugs, vitamins and food.

drugs-app-pill-identifierSimply enter the medications and run the checker. The app classifies known interactions as either major, moderate, minor, food, and therapeutic duplication. A description is provided to explain the interaction.

If you want to dig deeper into interactions, scroll down a little further to see the section titled “Other drugs and diseases that your selected drugs interact with…” Tap the link that gives the list of knows drugs that interact with the specified medication.   You can scroll through the list and see if medicines such as aspirin or Benadryl have any conflicts.

Find Drugs By Condition

Another great feature is the “Drugs by Condition” section. Enter almost any medical condition and see what medications are typically used to treat the illness. For example, entering “high blood pressure” will return a list of medications for that condition.

Additional Features & Benefits

There are many more useful features of the drug.com app such as creating your personal medications list, FDA alerts, a price guide and even a symptom checker. The app is a comprehensive resource that is easy to use.

Drugs.com app works with generic and name brand medications.


No health app is a substitute for seeking advice from a health professional. Health apps, such as drugs.com, can help us understand more about our medical conditions but they do not replace professional medical advice.    Never take prescription medications without first consulting with your doctor.


That app is free and ad supported.

You will see ads scattered throughout the descriptions and drug details but you don’t get full screen ads that you have to dismiss before proceeding. If you prefer not to look at ads you can opt to pay $4.99 per year to remove.

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