Three Ways to Register to Vote Online in Under 10 Minutes

October 12, 2016
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Three Ways to Register to Vote Online, in under 10 minutes

Have you registered to vote?

If you haven’t registered to vote, do so today! You can register in less than 10 minutes using any of the following online options.

Be aware that some states require you to register 30 days prior to the election or you will have the option to register on Election Day. If you are not sure about your state guidelines, don’t chance it. Go through any of the registration processes below to find out the specifics for your state. Register now!

These services are great ways for young adults, college students, homebound, or people who travel extensively to get registered.


Turbovote says “we make voting easy” and they are right. Simply go to and click “Get Started”. You will be prompted for basic information as it takes you through the voting registration process. Turbovote has done an excellent job of making the steps easy and clear to get you registered to vote in your state.  The service is available in English and Spanish.

In addition to the upcoming Presidential election, Turbovote keeps you informed of any other upcoming elections in your area.


turbovote-review-and-demo-how-to-register-to-vote-onlineThis online registration service is appealing to young people and students because it is so simple and you can do it from your phone or computer. If you go to college in one state but your permanent address is in another, Turbovote walks you through the necessary steps to be able to vote in your home state while you are away at school.

I love TurboVote’s slogan “We love Democracy”. I don’t know of an easier way to stay informed on the voting opportunities available to you.

2) HelloVote

HelloVote is a simple chat service that helps you register to vote in your state. The service makes registering as simple as exchanging a few text messages that walk you through the various steps (data and messaging rates may apply). Once you have answered basic information required for voter registration, the service will either submit the form on your behalf or you can print it and mail it in yourself.

hellovote-text-message-service-for-easility-registering-to-voteThere are 3 ways to use HelloVote. Pick the method you are most comfortable with: website, text message, or Facebook Messenger.

  • Website: Visit the webpage on your computer or smartphone. Enter your phone number and click “Text Me”
  • Text Message: Send a text message to 384-387 and enter HELLO as the message. Using text messages, HelloVote guides you through the process and filling out the voter registration form for your state. (Text STOP to 384-387 to stop all messages)
  • Facebook Messenger: Click the Facebook Messenger link to start the registration process through the Messenger app.


The National Conference of State Legislatures,, displays a list of the 31 states that offer online voter registration with direct links to the state’s registration system. Click on your state’s link to begin the registration process.


You can find the complete list of states with online registration systems: – Table of states w/ovr

An additional seven states (Florida, Idaho, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee & Wisconsin) are in the process of implementing online voter registration systems but they will not be ready for the upcoming November 8th election.

Other Voting Information Sites

  • – Provides you with the registration process for your state. Select your state, then follow the instructions. (note: turbovote automatically takes you through that process)
  • – Answers many common questions about voting in NC and allows you to check your voter registration status.

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