Easily Copy Recipes from Many Websites to a Single Recipe Box

October 19, 2016
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copy-me-that-app-icon-recipe-manager-shopping-list-meal-planner-reviewHow many recipe websites do you frequently visit? Where do you save all of your favorites recipes? I have a friend that copies recipes from multiple websites into Evernote and others who print them. I have recipes saved in multiple recipe boxes across various websites, which is cumbersome. Evernote is too much work for me and the other options aren’t perfect either. That is where “Copy Me That” comes in.

copy-me-that-app-icon-recipe-manager-shopping-list-meal-planner-review-recipesCopy Me That is not a typical recipe app or website.  Is a clever little app that allows you to easily “collect” recipes from any (English) recipe websites and saves them to the Copy Me That app. You can save your recipes from popular sites such as,, to a single app. This gives you a single location to keep all of your recipes that can be viewed on a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Adding Recipes

Adding recipes to the Copy Me That app is done in a bit of unique manner. First, open the app then tap “Browser” to use the built-in search tool to find recipes from your favorite websites. You are actually browser searching from within  Copy Me That.   Once you locate a recipe you want to save, simply click the Copy Me That icon in the upper right corner.  This copies the recipe directly to the Copy Me That app.  Images, directions, and ingredients are automatically saved to the app.  You do not need to copy,  paste or reformat any of the text.  It is that easy.

Additional Features

Once you have added recipes to Copy Me That, you can search them by ingredients, dish or other text. This is a nice feature because the app doesn’t just take a picture of the recipe and saves it.  The app actually saves the text to make it searchable and more usable.

copy-me-that-app-recipe-manager-shopping-lists-meal-planner-review-featuresThere are many other useful features within the app.   Some of them include:

  • Cookbook Creator – Select your favorite recipes within Copy Me That and have them printed into your personalized cookbook! I think this is a fabulous idea.
  • Shopping Lists – When recipes are copied to the app, the ingredients are automatically converted to clickable shopping lists.
  • Meal Planner – Select your favorite recipes within Copy Me that and add the to the meal planner is just a few taps.
  • Recipe Rating – Add a personal rating to each of your saved recipes.
  • Add Notes – You can edit and add personal cooking notes to your saved recipes.
  • Tags – Create tags, such as Dessert, Holiday, Dinner, Gluten-free, for categorizing your recipes.
  • Add Your Own Personal Recipes – Add any of your personal recipes to the app.
  • Sync across Devices – The app syncs the recipes between all your devices so you have them on your smartphone (great for when you are shopping); tablets (great for when you are in the kitchen cooking) or on your laptop (great for when you want a larger screen size).


  • Free
  • Premium Version – 1 year for $12.50 or Lifetime for $25.00. This includes features like recipe scaling, printing from the app, multiple shopping lists.

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