How to turn your old smartphones into a home security system for free

How to turn your old smartphones into a home security system for free.

Presence App Review

What do you do with your old smartphones? The app Presence is a DIY home security app that turns old smartphones and tablets into free Internet security cameras. It is super easy.

presence-diy-security-camera-system-with-old-smartphonesInstall Presence on your current smartphone to act as your remote control / viewer of your security cameras. Install the same app onto your old phones and tablets and designate them as the security cameras. The software is the same for both devices; you simply designate the role of each phone.   You can have multiple old phones or tablets act as security cameras throughout your home, all of which are viewable from your primary smartphone.

The smartphone security cams have motion detection, two-way audio, and recording services. It is recommended that you keep the device plugged in to maintain its charge. If the power goes out, your device will stay on due to its battery but you will lose connectivity if your home Internet connection goes down.

You can be anywhere and monitor your home or check in on your pets. You and even talk with them!

The “Standard” version is free and is loaded with key features, such as; away mode, rules, timers, storage options, etc. The “Pro” version gives you more storage, longer recordings, and extra security features at a reasonable price.


You get 50MB of storage with the free version and 5GB with the pro version. You can select the option to automatically record over older videos to continuously free up space.


It is pretty amazing what you can do with the free (Standard) version of Presence. There are options for creating If This, Then That rules. This allows you to set up specific parameters for your camera and security needs. With the rules you can set timers for different days, alert options and more. You can get fairly detailed.


Sometimes it is challenging to get your phone or tablet in the exact viewing angle. Therefore, Presence sells various mounting kits, motion detection accessories, as well as a swivel base (coming soon). These products are available for sell on their website.

Key Feature List

Free Version

  • 50 MB of Storage
  • Control multiple cameras
  • Watch live from anywhere
  • Motion recording with 50MB Storage
  • 2-Way Video Calls
  • Share alerts with friends & family
  • Customizable rules to secure your home
  • Use modes to automate your home
  • In-app Store

Pro Version

presence-diy-security-camera-system-using-old-iphones-android-phones-tabletsAll of the free version plus . . .

  • 5 GB of Storage
  • Faster Recordings
  • Longer Recordings (>1 min)
  • Alarm
  • Higher Resolution Video


Presence is available on iOS, Android & the web.


  • iOS 6 and higher
  • Android 4.3 and higher


  • Standard Version – Free
  • Pro Version – $49.99/year or $1.99/week

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