The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Headset. Better Sound. Smaller Size. No Wires.

By: Mike Miller, Rowkin; Edited by Julie Wallace, Tech Tango Today

rowkin-wireless-earbuds-1If you are looking for a pair of truly wireless headphones with no strings attached, look no further than Rowkin Bit Stereo earbuds. With unparalleled sound quality and for $50, less than Apple’s AirPods, Rowkin offers new iPhone 7 or Google Pixel users an affordable high-performance wireless earbud option. With its discreetly small size and superior sound quality, Rowkin will also make a great gift for any tech-savvy listener as the holiday season approaches.

Wireless Stereo Pairing

By pairing two Rowkin earbuds for stereo sound, the new Rowkin earbuds are the smallest wireless stereo Bluetooth headsets on the market today. With the use of Bluetooth 4.1 technology, audiophiles can connect the earbuds to any smart device – and be assured they will work within a range of up to 25 feet.

Activate Personal Assistant & Smart Multipoint Connectivity

With this capacity, the Rowkin earbuds are the seamless, more affordable yet high quality alternative to other top-notch headphones. Using a multifunction button on the cordless earbuds, Siri, Google Now and Cortana are just a touch away for users. Apple and Android users will never have to take their smartphone out of their pocket, offering users a genuine wireless, hands-free experience.

Other features include noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to filter any ambient noise, which gives listeners a clearer sound during calls and when listening to music.  With smart multipoint connectivity, users can operate the Rowkin in a single-earbud mode, which allows them to pair each earbud with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. This gives users the opportunity to switch between devices, such as a phone and laptop, without the hassle of re-pairing with each device over and over; and offers a seamless solution for those who are constantly on-the-go with different Bluetooth gadgets.


Dual Portable Power Bank Function with Long Battery Life

In terms of battery power, Rowkin earbuds offer up to three hours of battery life on a single charge – and each Rowkin headset features a unique patented conductive portable charger to meet the demands of everyday use. Using a magnet, the charging device holds the cordless earbuds to give it extra battery life on-the-go.

The Rowkin Bit Charge features a first-in-the-market dual function that enables users to use the Rowkin portable charging case to charge their phones for a single charge – or charge their Rowkin earbud up to 15 times. This power bank offers a quick and easy solution for keeping smartphones powered 24/7.

Perfect Companion for Daily Activities 

Made with stainless steel, a material that maximizes the earbud housing for sound quality, the Rowkin earbuds are sweat proof and water resistant – with their IPX5 waterproof rating provided through WaterSafe nano-coating technology. The design makes Rowkin wireless Bluetooth headphones perfect for the gym, running, biking, hiking, exercising and any other activity.

The Rowkin earbuds are exclusively available on Amazon in three colors including Space Gray, Silver and a 24K Gold Edition. Dual earbuds are available for $109.99, while a single earbud costs $59.99. Consumers can purchase the Rowkin earbuds at the introductory price on the company website or through Amazon. Go to to learn more.

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