Fashion Tech – 6 Great Ways to Bluetooth Your Life With Style

December 11, 2016
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Guest Post by Winsy Wong, Ashley Chloe; Edited by Julie Wallace, Tech Tango Today



The iPhone 7’s removal of the headphone jack signaled the unofficial transition to all things wireless and Bluetooth. Freed from being tethered to tangled plug-in headphones, we are exploring new and exciting wireless Bluetooth options. We can do things with our headphones that we’ve never done before because Bluetooth earbuds are more convenient, easy to use, and hands-free.

Ashley Chloe, a San Francisco Bay Area based company, caters to fashion-forward individuals who crave sleek digital wearables designed expressly for their modern lifestyle. With its world-class product design and engineering teams, it bridges the gap between high fashion and functional form.  Ashley Chloe has suggested 6 Bluetooth headphone hacks – take a look at how Bluetooth headphones will make your life easier one step at a time!


ashley-chloe-helix-cuff-2Lifehack #1 – Comfortable Travel

Flying can be uncomfortable from the tight seats to the loud noise of the airplane’s engine, not to mention loud passengers. When you’re stuck on a red-eye flight, getting sleep can seem like the last thing possible. Bluetooth headphones, however, can transform your flying experience. Since they are wireless, you won’t have your earbuds jerked out of your ear when you move and you’ll be able to rest your head on a travel pillow comfortably. With Bluetooth headphones for your next trip, you can rest while listening to soothing music or interesting podcasts. Who knows if leading airlines will soon add Bluetooth support along with their entertainment systems on board, though many are offering their entertainment system through apps on your existing devices.

Lifehack #2 – Discreet Entertainment

The dull monotone voice of a professor or less than impressive presenter are enough to put you to sleep, but with Bluetooth headphones slipped in, you can multi-task in a much more exciting way. Many Bluetooth earbuds are discreet enough that they can’t be seen. When you can’t get anymore bored, pop in your Bluetooth headphones and enjoy your favorite songs and more.

ashely-choloe-helix-cuff-on-womanLifehack #3 – Navigation Pro

If you’re often put on navigation duty and constantly fiddle with Google Maps, Bluetooth headphones could be your the solution you seek. Give and get directions like an expert when your navigation app is linked to Bluetooth earphones. Finding your destination is now hands-free and much more convenient. The iWatch Series 2 features a brand new GPS app and you’re going to want to enjoy that wirelessly and discreetly with Bluetooth headphones. Friends always giving you a hard time about getting lost? Use a small earbud and they’ll never know the difference. Not to mention that a hands-free option is immensely safer than having to hold your phone closer in order to hear the directions

Lifehack #4 – Mind of a Chef

Wish you could cook like a famous chef? You can with your favorite cooking show streaming to your Bluetooth headphones. Cooking with plugged-in headphones can be a disaster and sometimes you might not want to broadcast the fact that you’re using someone else’s recipe. Follow along to a chef’s instructions and create a culinary masterpiece that you get the credit for with the help of handy Bluetooth headphones.

Lifehack #5 – Talk ‘n’ Troubleshoot

Is your dad your go-to for auto troubles? Your friend know how to fix your A/C? Your sister has the best tips on debugging your laptop? Get on the phone and get to work with their advice thanks to Bluetooth headphones. With your hands free, you don’t just have to listen to their tips, you can put them to work. Who wants to lean over their car engine with headphone cords that might fall in! It just doesn’t work. Bluetooth headphones allow you to take action.

ashley-chloe-helix-cuff-3Lifehack #6 – Leisurely Drive

If you’re stuck in a car that doesn’t support connection with your phone, listening to the radio or CDs can get really old. For instances like these, turn to Bluetooth, wireless headphones and enjoy the music you really love. You can listen to your favorite podcast or even take conference calls during your commute or a long road trip. If you live for good headphones while you travel, you’ll want to find wireless Bluetooth headphones with noise reduction to cancel out noisy background sound.

Helix Cuff Wearable Headphones

If you’re listening to music and making calls on the go, Helix Cuff wearable headphones should be your headphone of choice. The headphone’s storage cuff ensures that earbuds are always on hand, making it a great choice for travelers, commuters, and music-lovers tired of tangled, easy to lose earphones. The Helix Cuff can be worn on-the-go thanks to its ingenious design that allows users to store their wireless earphones by wrapping them around a groove in the cuff.  Ashley Chloe’s Helix Cuff is a convenient choice that is sure to win family and friends this holiday season.

The Helix Cuff was created to be both fashionable and functional. It is the only design in the market that combines a wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headset with a wearable form factor. Another helpful feature from the Helix headphones is that the Helix Cuff responds to voice commands and activates Siri or Android assistant like Google Now  in a smart, hands-free experience. In addition, for music mavens and audiophiles,  the Helix Cuff is  good call too as it features aptX technology to provide CD-like high-quality stereo audio, cVc technology to increase voice quality and reduce background noise. If you and your friends and family are the type of people who  are gadget lovers and own multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time, the smart multipoint connectivity of Helix Cuff would provide great help as it enables simultaneous connectivity to two devices and seamless switching between them. The Helix Cuff wearable headphones envision the future of headphones to let you enjoy the headphone hacks in an easy breezy way.

The Helix Cuff Classic comes with 5 different colors including Black on Black and Silver/Champagne Gold on Black/White and is available at $199 USD. The special 24K Gold Edition is priced at $299 USD. All 6 colors are available for order now on . Visit their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @ashleychloeinc for more info.

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