A Healthier Home Coach – Track Air Quality, Humidity & Noise

December 12, 2016
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by: Colleen O’Connor, Crenshaw Communications; Edited by Julie Wallace, Tech Tango Today

Netatmo, the revolutionary smart home company, introduces Healthy Home Coach, the smart indoor climate monitor that helps users create a healthier home environment. Healthy Home Coach is HomeKit-enabled to make the smart home even more comfortable.  The system tracks and records indoor environmental elements –air quality, humidity, temperature and noise – and offers advice to improve indoor climate and keep things cozy.

netatmo-pictureHealthy Home Coach knows exactly what needs to be altered to create a healthier environment for every member of the family, from an infant to an asthmatic child.  Poor air quality and noise pollution can disrupt sleep, concentration, and even health. Proper humidity levels and good ventilation play a key role in managing asthma, allergies or respiratory problems. In addition, parents can’t always tell if indoor conditions are poor. A room that feels just right for adults might be too warm for babies and toddlers. Indoor air pollution can reduce the ability to concentrate, and young children’s sleep can be disturbed by noise their parents might not have realized were too loud for their kids.


Is your house healthy or not?

Healthy Home Coach tracks and records all the indoor environmental elements. The device collects personalized data from the user’s environment and provides actionable customized insights based on the season, the time of the day, the measurements or the users’ profiles. The user knows exactly when to adjust the humidifier, and can make sure each room is heated or cooled properly, or that the sound in a child’s bedroom isn’t too loud for healthy sleep.

A personal coach at home

Thanks to the App, any user can access the home’s indoor climate conditions from any location. With several Healthy Home Coach devices in the house, users can monitor the environment of all rooms on a single App.  If one of the indoor environmental elements reaches an excessive level, the user is directly alerted through notifications to a mobile device, prompting her to take appropriate actions to improve indoor wellness.  With just one tap on the top, Healthy Home Coach lights up to give immediate updates on the health of the room. Checking the App, the user can view the data history of each element measured by Healthy Home Coach.

  • Air quality: A poorly ventilated room can lead to increased indoor air pollution. It also greatly reduces the ability to concentrate, which is key for students. Healthy Home Coach sends notifications to make sure the room is adequately ventilated.
  • Humidity: Dry air can cause itchy skin.  Humid air can foster the growth of mold. And maintaining proper humidity levels can play a key role in managing asthma and allergies. Healthy Home Coach helps determine the balance that works best for each room in a home.
  • Temperature: Babies and toddlers struggle to balance their body temperature properly. A room that feels just right to adults might be too warm for young children. They might wake up from naptime perspiring and uncomfortable when parents thought the room temperature was just right. Healthy Home Coach gives users the precise temperature children need for a soothing sleep.
  • Noise: When a baby’s sleep is disrupted it might be caused by a noisy environment that adults aren’t even aware of. With Healthy Home Coach, parents can check and compare family sleeping time data history to understand how to manage sound pollution.

netatmo-health-home-coach-in-childrens-roomThanks to compatibility with Apple HomeKit, the user can also ask Siri how healthy their home is. The user can customize scenarios to connect a Healthy Home Coach with other smart devices according to different combinations. For example, windows open when the indoor air pollution is too high or heat turns off when the temperature becomes too warm.

An Elegant Design and an Easy Installation 

Sleek and elegant, the aluminum Healthy Home Coach blends easily with any home’s decor. Its setup is straightforward; it pairs with a user’s Wi-Fi and with the free App.  Healthy Home Coach is easy to use and comes with all features included and no additional fees.

Price and availability 

Healthy Home Coach retails for $99.99 on, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, Amazon, and  It’s compatible with iPhone/iOS 9 and above, and Android smartphones 4.2 and above.


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