Tech The Halls (Part 3): Tech Gifts for the Family. The Latest Gadgets, Gear and Games

Tech The Halls: Tech for the Family

Fun, unique and useful gift for the hard to please

When your kids get to the ages where they no longer desire stuffed animals, Lego kits or light sabers as gifts, mom and dad have to be a little more creative. Technology is always a great alternative.  In this gift guide we focus on new, fun and functional tech gifts for those hard to please family members.  Many of these gift ideas are newly released product.

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New! Rowkin – World’s Smallest Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

rowkin-worlds-smallest-wireless-headphonesIf you are looking for a pair of truly wireless headphones with no strings attached, look no further than Rowkin Bit Stereo earbuds. With unparalleled sound quality and for $50, less than Apple’s AirPods, Rowkin offers new iPhone 7 or Google Pixel users an affordable high-performance wireless earbud option. With its discreetly small size and superior sound quality, Rowkin will also make a great gift for any tech-savvy listener as the holiday season approaches.

rowkin-wireless-earbuds-1The Rowkin earbuds are the seamless, more affordable yet high-quality alternative to other top-notch headphones. Using a multifunction button on the cordless earbuds, Siri, Google Now and Cortana are just a touch away for users. Apple and Android users will never have to take their smartphone out of their pocket, offering users a genuine wireless, hands-free experience. Detailed article:

Consumers can purchase the Rowkin earbuds at the introductory price on the company website or through Amazon. Go to to learn more.

More Info:

New! Alcatel Smartphone with VR Headset

Experience the first smartphone + VR goggles package

alcatelThis hot new product makes a huge gift at a not so huge price. You get functionality and fun with this smartphone virtual reality combo.

What really sets the IDOL 4S apart from other unlocked smartphones are the continued innovations it brings to the market, like the world’s first virtual reality goggle packaging bundle. With the addition of the Alcatel VR goggles, users get a comfortable, easy–to–use VR experience that includes simplified controls on the goggles for smooth navigation while enjoying VR content. The IDOL 4S also comes with pre–loaded VR applications, like Littlstar, so right out of the box users can enjoy hours of free news, gaming and educational virtual reality content. Many activities like, riding rollercoasters at amusement parks, watching sporting events and even just viewing videos on YouTube are being transformed by virtual reality, and Alcatel is helping to bring those experiences to all consumers.   See an unboxing on YouTube.

More Info:

New! AirJamz – Bluetooth Enabled Electric Air Guitar Toy for family fun

Air Guitar Just Got Cool!  airjamz-bp

The app-enabled Bluetooth powered guitar pick that makes everyone musical. Just imagine if you could play a guitar riff, a chord, drum beat, keyboard or a cool sound effect with the flick of your wrist. Simply power up, connect to the AirJamz Music app and strum, shake or move. With AirJamz, everyone can rock! With over 100 instruments & sounds in app, there’s something for everyone: drums, keyboards, DJ scratches, movie “like” sound effects; all played on top of exhilarating backing tracks. If you like music, musical games or karaoke, you’ll love AirJamz – it will get everyone off the couch and the whole house rocking!

Features Include

  • Bluetooth-enabled pick connects to iOS devices to brings sword fights or laser battles to life with accurate sounds
  • Any user can mimic the strumming of a guitar to “play” guitar riffs and power chords with backing track without any prior musical knowledge
  • More than 100 unique instruments and sounds to play as well as 25 full songs with up to 4 players
  • AirJamz Music App: Allows up to four players to play with simple gestures
  • Easily changeable coin cell 3V battery
  • Available in either black or white modules with either black or red picks

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Accessory Power – GoGroove Brand Pal Bots

Portable Multimedia Speakers

gogroove-palbot-bluetooth-speakersSee the special offer below! These fun and powerful speakers make any kid from age 6 to 20 smile. These Pal Bots emit music from their cute heads. Don’t let their charm fool you. These adorable portable multimedia speakers feature Dual Side-Firing Drivers & a Passive Subwoofer, the Pal Bot delivers rich and powerful audio for a premium listening experience. He also comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 hours at max output. Allow the Pal Bot 2-3 hours to fully charge via the included Micro-USB cable, or play while you charge!


Pal Bot Special – $14.99
Click Here

Pal Bot is equipped with movable arms, glowing LED eyes, and a retractable 3.5mm audio cord that can be used with any device with a 3.5mm audio port. His eyes glow blue when he’s awake and purple when he’s asleep and charging. If his purple eyes are flashing, it means he’s tired and needs to recharge.

The Pal Bot weighs less than 1 lb and fits in your palm so you can take him anywhere!

More info:

 *Be Friendly – Share the offer with friends, family & co-workers.

AccessoryPower – Enhance MoodBRIGHT Lamp

Select your color and brightness

Who needs a mood ring when you can have a mood lamp?

Customize the color of your lamp to the way you feel! With The MoodBRIGHT LMP you can adjust the brightness settings and the color of the base, all with simple touch control. Drag your finger around the color spectrum ring to cycle through over 256 colors


MoodBright LMP Special – $19.99. Click Here for Amazon

The touch control function adjusts 16 white LED’s to 3 different brightness levels (100%, 75%, 50%), customizable base color, flexible gooseneck for easy angle adjustment, and built-in rechargeable battery

This 110 lumen lamp gives you the light you need for those late-night study session.  More info


  • MOODbright  Lamp: Amazon Reg Price $29.99 -Sale Price 19.99

*Be friendly – Share the offer with friends, family & co-workers.

New! WITTI by Beddi – Intelligent Alarm Clock, App Controlled Mood Light, Speaker, Charger

Style, function & tech for the bedroom witti-2

The Witti, is a stylish mood light alarm clock that is boosted with all kinds of app controlled features. Form, function, and tech are the theme for this trendy device. BEDDI Style allows users to sleep better and wake up refreshed with its unique features that include:

  • Wake up to Spotify/Apple Music: Users can wake up to their favorite Spotify Premium Account or Apple Music playlist and instantly play music with a push of a button
  • One Touch Uber Ride Request
  • High Quality Audio
  • USB Device Charging – Plug your smartphone tablet or smartwatch directly into Witti to charge your device.
  • White Noise Generator – Plays soothing sounds to help users fall asleep
  • Mood Light –
  • Alarm Clock – Set up to four alarms
  • Phone Finder – Activate a phone alert from Witti
  • Changeable Face – Purchase new face places to meet your style – $59.99

New! The latest in Video Games – Final Fantasy XV & Battlefield 1  gamestop-final-fantasy-xv-battlefield-1

Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix was released November 29, 2016 and is uber popular. Its great story, awe-inspiring graphics, revolutionary gameplay, and sound give this game high marks. The breath taking adventure proves escaping war, the Crown Prince, epic beasts, and deep dungeons filled with danger a worthy challenge in an attempt to end the battle. Andrew Reiner, for gameinformer, describes the game theme as “ a road rip that comes dangerously close to running out of gas, coasting on fumes long enough to deliver a rich and rewarding open-world experience that embraces the bond of friendship just as much as the thrill of hunting for rare treasure and beasts.“ Read Andrews’s full review at GameStop. Final Fantasy XV is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Rated T for Teen.

Battlefield 1 by Electronic Arts was released October 21, 2016 and promises to be an intense game of multi-player warfare. This first-person shooter game emphasizes teamwork, is set during World War 1 and inspired by true events. Matt Bertz for gameinformer describes Battlefield 1 as “Large-Scale Warfare at its Best. Experience the dawn of all-out war. Fight your way through epic battles ranging from tight urban combat in a besieged French city to the heavily defended mountain forts in the Italian Alps or frantic combats in the deserts of Arabia.” See Matt’s full review at  Battlefield 1 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Origin on PC. Rated M for Mature 17+ (for Blood, Strong Language & Violence). 


Enjoy! And I wish you a happy holiday season.


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